BY Todd Dybas 04:23AM 09/04/2010

The predictions: Washington vs. BYU

Let’s take a look at what the know-it-alls, including those here at Sports Press Northwest, are predicting for Saturday’s Washington/BYU game.

Few words have been written about Washington Chris Polk this fall. That will change after Saturday. (Drew Sellers/Sports Press Northwest)

Nothing more fun than pointing out people’s faults, right?

Each week we’ll round up several predictions from around the land and make ones of our own here on Sports Press Northwest. Feel free to make your own in the comments section.

Washington opens the season on Saturday at BYU where the Huskies are three-point underdogs. To the picks:

ESPN’s Ted Miller has the Huskies 33-28 winners.

Phil Steele’s computer projection says Washington 33-31.

John Tamanaha of picks BYU 34-24.

College Football News picks Washington 31-27.’s computer says BYU with room to spare. They list the Cougars under “easy pickins.”

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News picks Washington.’s computer says BYU has an 82.5 percent chance to win (uh, do humans pick these things anymore?)

As for us, the three folks picking throughout the season have different impressions.

Art Thiel

BYU 31, Washington 27: Provo crowd has a week of stupendous news — football independence, ESPN national contract, West Coast Conference ¬†membership for hoops — and spends it at buttermilk keggers. All that sour milk makes them even more bitter and hostile than usual, intimidating the Huskies.

Seth Kolloen

Washington 156, BYU 3: Cougars defenders are so awed by the Saturday morning launch of Jake Locker’s¬† website, that they refuse to tackle, touch, or even look him in the eye. Locker runs for 2,300 yards and 20 touchdowns, effectively sealing the Heisman race after one game.

Todd Dybas

Washington 38, BYU 28: Quarterback by committee, running back by committee, these things should make BYU fans test the honor code. And then there’s Chris Polk. Remember him? He looks like a beast from the deep during fall camp, which is saying something considering he blasted his way to 1,113 yards. Just enough from the defense against a BYU team still feeling its way with numerous new parts.


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