BY Todd Dybas 07:06PM 09/16/2010

Look who’s not talking

Haven’t heard much from Chris Polk this year? It’s no coincidence.

Washington Huskies running back Chris Polk has been quiet off the field this year. (Drew Sellers/Sports Press Northwest)

Since Steve Sarkisian came to Washington, the program has opened up.

Spring and fall practices have been opened to the public. All practices have been opened to the media.

Though there are caveats. Freshman don’t speak until they play or have been around for several months. Nick Montana and the rest of the crew that enrolled early didn’t talk with reporters until well into fall camp. Injured running back Deontae Cooper has not uttered a word to the media since arriving almost nine months ago.

But also standing rather quiet this fall is running back Chris Polk.

Polk was in trouble last season for boastful comments he made to the media. He spoke some in the fall, saying he had no personal goals, rather he just wanted the team to get to the Rose Bowl.

After the opening loss at BYU, Polk was outspoken. He said guys were trying to do things on their own and he didn’t know why. The redshirt sophomore talked about the need for him to stay positive this year.

He has not talked since.

Polk is not available after practices. He was not around postgame against Syracuse. He doesn’t come to the Monday press conferences.

It’s supposedly Polk, who never avoids the spotlight, who is choosing not to talk to the media. That’s doubtful.

Does it matter? Yes and no. Polk is likely to crack 1,000 yards rushing once again this season. He also needs to learn how to measure his words if what he is saying is irritating his coach.

On the other hand, everyone will be fine without hearing from him. Fans can also understand Sarkisian’s desire to temper what gets out in public.

Looks like Polk’s legs will do more running than his mouth will this year.


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