BY David Eskenazi 09:12AM 11/30/2010

Wayback Machine

Seattle sports historian and collector Dave Eskenazi resurrects a Northwest sports moment each week in the Wayback Machine. His collection of photos and artifacts are informative, inspirational and a lot of fun

Boone Kirkman, Charles Atlas, Ref Pat McMurtry, Center Arena 1-27-78

Renton's Boone Kirkman wins a Jan. 27, 1978 bout against Charles Atlas / Dave Eskenazi Collection

In the Wayback Machine, which will run every Tuesday beginning Dec. 7, Pacific Northwest sports historian and collector Dave Eskenazi will feature a historical image that will provide insight and eye candy for the region’s sports fans.

In the photograph above, part of Dave’s exclusive collection, boxer Boone Kirkman is declared the winner by referee Pat McMurtry in a January, 28, 1978, fight against Charles Atlas in the Seattle Center Arena. The fight ended in a fourth-round TKO in what proved to be Kirkman’s last professional bout.

The popular Renton heavyweight finished his career with 36 victories (25 knockouts) and six losses (5 KO’s). Kirkman’s most notable fight occurred on Nov. 18, 1970, when he squared off against future heavyweight champion and grill salesman George Foreman and was TKO’d in two rounds.


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