BY Todd Dybas 11:30AM 12/30/2010

The picks: Nebraska vs. Washington

Sportspress Northwest staffers pick their winners in the Holiday Bowl. Who do you have?

Jake Locker gets a second shot at Nebraska Thursday night.. (Drew Sellers/Sportspress Northwest)

The 25 days since Washington last played just flew by, didn’t they?

Well, not quite. But finally the game is here and the brainiacs at Sportspress Northwest are going to provide predictions. Chime in with you own in the comments. And if we’re wrong, just forget we said anything. Nebraska is generally a 14-point favorite, picks are against the spread. Here goes:

Art Thiel
Huskies early will be snorting flames of indignation. But flames don’t do too much damage to corn-fed granite. In football, largeness, fastness and meanness tend to get the best of passion. Nebraska 38, Washington 20

Seth Kolloen, author of Exit 164
Before the game, Jake Locker announces that his performance this entire season was a “psych,” and proceeds to complete 35 of 37 passes for 812 yards, running for 218 more. Locker is retroactively awarded the Heisman trophy and Carolina drafts him to play against the Falcons on Sunday. Washington 73, Nebraska 3.

Todd Dybas
Usually looking at a single-game situation yields thoughts of how the underdog could win. I just don’t see it here. Nebraska’s strength (running the ball) rumbles right into Washington’s weakness (stopping a good running game). Though I am intrigued to see what Steve Sarkisian has in store. Touted as a play-caller, his approach was muted in the first game. Wonder how he will approach it this time. Regardless, I doubt it will be enough. Nebraska 31, Washington 24.


  • jerry

    This game reminds me of when the Huskies faced a vastly superior Oklahoma team in the Cotton bowl way back when.
    Like Nebraska, Oklahoma was not too thrilled to be playing against the UW.
    The Sooners were over confident, with little or no respect for the dawgs.
    But that is where the comparisons end.
    Today’s Huskies are still deep in rebuild mode – one or two years away from becoming a contender.
    Huskers 38 Huskies 17

    • jerry

      Sorry, I meant “Orange” – as in 1985. The wagon, the horses, cats with dogs – the whole bit.

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  • Joe

    So Jerry, you think the #2 ranked Sooners against the #4 ranked Huskies is similar to this game? Kind of a reach, I’d say

    • :Paul

      Jerry: Joe’s memory is a little more accurate than yours. I doubt the Sooners were overconfident. Not only was Washington ranked #4 in the country, but since Oklahoma was ranked #2, they had an excellent chance of being voted #1 if they’d beaten Washington. Due to the weakness of their schedule, BYU’s pre-bowl #1 ranking was controversial. The Sooners would have been automatic national champs if they’d beaten Washington and BYU had lost their bowl game, and might even have been voted #1 if they’d beaten Washington and BYU’s bowl win was not decisive enough. No way the Sooners were complacent against Washington.

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