BY Seth Kolloen 02:59PM 12/31/2010

Husky turnaround? We’ve heard this before

Husky rooters are ready to proclaim that the Dawgs are back. This has a familiar ring — actually it’s more of a gong.

Chris Polk ran for 177 yards in the Holiday Bowl

In the afterglow of Thursday’s Holiday Bowl win, more than a few Husky rooters were ready to proclaim that the Dawgs were “back.” Feel like you’ve heard this before? It’s because you have.

  • Turning Point: December 14, 2004
  • Tyrone Willingham Hired as Head Coach
  • What we thought: He took Stanford to the Rose Bowl, imagine what he’ll do with Washington’s admittance policy.
  • What happened: Let’s just not talk about it.
  • Quote Fail: “For me, this was a very, very easy choice . . . to lead the University of Washington to its former glory days.” — UW President Mark Emmert
  • Turning Point: October 7, 2006
  • Last Play loss at #3 USC
  • What we thought: The Dawgs are 4-2, and nearly beat USC on the road. Isaiah Stanback is having a stellar senior year. UW is bowl-bound for sure.
  • What happened: Stanback got knocked out for the season in the next game, and the Huskies didn’t win again until the Apple Cup.
  • Quote Fail: “I’m impressed with the job Tyrone has done. They’ve had a quick turnaround.” — USC coach Pete Carroll.
  • Turning Point: September 8, 2007
  • Huskies End Boise State Win Streak
  • What we thought: Freshman Jake Locker, undefeated in two starts, could be the greatest QB in team history.
  • What happened: Opposing teams adjusted to Locker and began forcing him to make mistakes: 10 interceptions in the next six games, all losses.
  • Quote Fail: We have our swagger back. the Huskies are back.” — Marcel Reese
  • Turning Point: September 19, 2009
  • Huskies Upset USC
  • What we thought: Maybe Willingham really was that terrible. And with Locker healthy again, a bowl seems possible.
  • What happened: The Huskies lost six of their next seven.
  • Quote Fail: “This program (is) back, sooner and better than anyone could have expected.” — Steve Kelley
  • Turning Point: December 30, 2010
  • Washington Wins the Holiday Bowl
  • What we thought: With a long-awaited bowl win, the Dawgs have emerged from their decade-long slumber.
  • What happened: We’ll see.
  • Quote Fail? “We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time . . . we’re on our way back.” — UW coach Steve Sarkisian


  • Acadian

    Why ‘ya gotta hate…

  • Terry Benish

    You’re too young to be that cynical.

    That was the best defensive football played by a Husky team in a long, long time.

  • SeattleNative

    Pretty funny. Actually, the “turning points “could extend further back into the Nueheisel(sp) era. Now that’s comedy.

  • James P. Hays

    As a dyed-in-the-eider Duck fan, I hope the Huskies come back big time.

    Oregon-Washington was a lot more entertaining when Washington could actually compete.

    Nice win over Nebraska and congrats and all that. But what will you do for an encore?

  • we will have to see who becomes the starting QB. if nick wins the job it might be 2012 tell we have a bowl elegable team.

  • rapid eddie

    0-12, 5-7, 7-6 including a bowl win; looks like a turnaround to me. I hope Polk sticks around.

  • Tom

    Is this f. Blethen? Don’t fall into s times slot or your venture will have a short life.

  • Kazootie

    Of course we’ll see. It’s a great feeling after a super win over those cornhuskers– but one has to separate passion from reality– and the reality is— ‘we’ll see’. Long ways to go to solidify winning year-in year-out: recruiting, injuries, leadership/chemistry, coaching consistency, funding.
    Root like crazy but be dispassionate in analysis.

  • tfguy

    For cryin out loud, give it a break, savor the victory. Of course “we’ll see” but give them credit for grabbin their gonads and give a kick-butt game. Were they under or over achievers? We will see.

  • Lucky Infidel

    The big “turning point” was when Don James, in essentially a spat with administrators, threw a hissy fit and abandoned the program and his players only weeks before the beginning of a season.

  • WyomingDawgfan

    After the 78 Rose Bowl we lost Moon as quarterback and still came back and had a good season the next year.
    We’ll see.

  • Candlepower

    What we thought: Freshman Jake Locker, undefeated in two starts, could be the greatest QB in team history.

    Well, that hope/expectation for Locker was infinitely more realistic than what SportsPressNorthwest’s Steve Rudman proclaimed on his radio show the Monday following Brock Huard’s performance vs. Arizona State, that Huard would be — with not an ounce of equivocation — “the greatest quarterback in college football history.”

    Whew. Up to that time, I’d always paid attention/respected Steve’s opinion.