BY Doug Farrar 04:01PM 01/12/2011

A goofy day at the VMAC

Between the head coach picking up a reporter’s phone, and a star running back preaching earthquake prevention, it was an interesting day in Renton.

Pete Carroll asks, "Can you hear me now?" (Noel Zanchelli/Sportspress Northwest)

We don’t know if it was the upcoming specter of the divisional playoff game against the Chicago Bears, or just the general punchiness of the extended season, but things got pretty goofy at the VMAC today.

First, Pete Carroll responded to a reporter’s phone/recorder buzzing at the podium, showing that he’s a very good sport (I can only imagine how Bill Parcells would have reacted to something like this).

And then, during his post-practice media session, running back Marshawn Lynch told us what to do in the event of a Beastquake. Should he ever make another run as he did against the Saints in the wild-card round, and a minor tremor ensues, Lynch told the media exactly how to handle things from the comforts of the press box:

At this rate, by the time they get on the plane for the Windy City on Friday afternoon, the Seahawks may be wearing Groucho masks and putting fake dog poop on each other’s airplane seats. A loose team is a prepared team? Let’s hope so…


  • Robert Loblaw

    ‘Underneaf’ :-)

  • KiteRider

    Let Beast Mode break icebergs off the Soldier Field Glacier!
    And ride them to the NFC Championship Game.
    Go Hawks!