BY Todd Dybas 10:09PM 03/29/2011

Despite suspension, Fogerson practices

Washington running back Johri Fogerson was thought to be on a suspension that kept him away from the team. That’s not the case.

Washington running back Johri Fogerson was on the practice field with the Huskies during the opening day of spring practice Tuesday.

Fogerson was arraigned in Snohomish County Court Tuesday morning where plead not guilty to resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. Fogerson was arrested by the Washington State Patrol on March 3.

“We’re not playing right now,” Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian said by way of explaining Fogerson’s appearance. “He had been away from the team for some time. There’s still some things down the road that need to get cleared up.

“In the meantime, he’s a student at our campus and he’s part of the football team, and we’re practicing, so he’s practicing with us.”

Sarkisian was asked if Fogerson’s participation in practice meant the indefinite suspension the running back was under was lifted.

“We’re not playing a game yet, so I don’t have to worry about lifting any suspensions,” Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian then was asked if that meant Fogerson was suspended only for games.


Fogerson will be in court in June 17 for a pre-trial hearing.