BY Doug Farrar 07:58AM 03/16/2011

Live Chat: NFL labor and lockout

Chat with Sportspress Northwest NFL Writer Doug Farrar about the league’s current labor situation, and how the resolution may happen.


  • I was reading Doug Farrars column , and if he is correct that Green Bay was making about $4 million a year net, and the franchise is probably worth between 350 and $450 million, then they are making a return of 1%. Let’s assume that other franchises are making much more [Dallas, Giants, Jets] and some others are much are making much less,like the Raiders and the Browns, I’m assuming that very few individuals who have that much money tied up in their business will be convinced that a 1 to 5% return is adequate, and I can’t really think that it’s unreasonable that they would want more. What do you think?