BY Doug Farrar 05:07PM 04/19/2011

Seahawks open 2011 schedule on road

It’s an ugly start but could be a rewarding end. Either way, the Seahawks will be reminded numerous times that a flotation device is under their seat.

Pete Carroll will be using his frequent flyer miles early in the 2011 season. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

If the 2011 NFL schedule goes off as expected (and that, of course, depends on what happens with the ongoing labor situation), the Seattle Seahawks will be on the road for the first two weeks of the regular season – first, with a trip to San Francisco, and then a journey to Pittsburgh for the second Seahawks-Steelers game since Super Bowl XL. The last one ended in a 21-0 score for Pittsburgh in Oct. 2007. Seattle then welcomes the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons to WhateverIt’sCalled Field, followed by another long plane ride to take on the New York Giants.

A bye week is followed by yet another long flight to Cleveland to face Mike Holmgren’s Browns; then it’s time to fly BACK home for the Bengals. (Seriously – who planned this thing, Clark Griswold?) A flight to Dallas is followed by the Ravens at home, the Rams on the road, the Redskins, Eagles, and Rams at home (a very favorable late-season home stretch), followed by Chicago away, and the 49ers and Cardinals at home to finish.

The schedule starts brutally, but if the Seahawks can get through the Browns trip, things start to look pretty good. The more formidable opponents are at home, and having five of the last six games in Seattle is a rare advantage the team mustn’t waste. Two games are nationally televised, and both are at home — Dec. 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles, and Dec. 12 against the Rams.

Now, it’s just up to the owners and players to ensure that there’s actually a season, perhaps assisted by one or more judges.

In any case, here’s the full listing.

Day                Date                  Opponent                                     Time (PT)           TV

Sunday          Sept. 11            at San Francisco 49ers                1:15 p.m.              FOX

Sunday          Sept. 18            at Pittsburgh Steelers                10:00 a.m.            FOX

Sunday          Sept. 25            Arizona Cardinals                         1:15 p.m.              FOX

Sunday          Oct. 2                Atlanta Falcons                            1:05 p.m.              FOX

Sunday          Oct. 9                at N.Y. Giants                              10:00 a.m.            FOX

Sunday          Oct. 16              Bye Week

Sunday          Oct. 23              at Cleveland Browns                   10:00 a.m.            FOX

Sunday          Oct. 30              Cincinnati Bengals                        1:15 p.m.              CBS

Sunday          Nov. 6               at Dallas Cowboys                       10:00 a.m.            FOX

Sunday          Nov. 13             Baltimore Ravens                         1:05 p.m.              CBS

Sunday          Nov. 20             at St. Louis Rams                         1:05 p.m.              FOX

Sunday          Nov. 27             Washington Redskins                   1:05 p.m.             FOX

Thursday        Dec. 1               Philadelphia Eagles                     5:20 p.m.           NFLN

Monday         Dec. 12             St. Louis Rams                              5:30 p.m.             ESPN

Sunday          Dec. 18             at Chicago Bears                           10:00 a.m.            FOX

Saturday        Dec. 24             San Francisco 49ers                    1:15 p.m.              FOX

Sunday          Jan. 1, 2012       at Arizona Cardinals                   1:15 p.m.              FOX


  • Anonymous

    Opponent 3rd down coversions: 21 of 30.
    Passing yards the 1st 2 games: 806 (a Husky record for ineptness)

    So tell me, why is Holt getting paid $700K? It appears the guy should either tell Sark to reduce his salary, dramatically, or Sark should show Holt the door.

    As to the offense I was impressed with the routes run and the passing accuracy of Price. The UW is obviously loaded with sure-handed receivers and stretching the field as they did will help Polk. Passes to sure-handed, strong TE’s on seam routes are always solid gainers.
    The O-line seems to be jelling and appears to be a strong part of the team.

  • SpudzDP

    Ty Willingham and his staff positively destroyed the Husky defensive squad.  I never understood why defense was so overlooked and neglected by them.  I mean, his coaching philosophy, recruiting abilities, personality and game time acumen sucked — but that was due to his own short comings and incompetence.  His disdain for defense, however, seemed nearly diabolical —  as if he was told to do so by a voice that only he heard in his tightly guarded, paranoid, little world.  But enough of him.  
    This will be Holt’s 3rd crack at turning the mess left him around, and it looks like he’s finally acquired enough of the talent to so.  But he still needs time.  He has till the end of November.

  • Smoothfox

    Steve says, “Given the threat he is to run, I can see that if Price remains healthy, Nick Montana may leave the UW in three years as an unfounded rumor.”

    What makes you think Nick Montana will stick around UW — if Price remains healthy, Montana will transfer.