BY Todd Dybas 05:48PM 04/18/2011

M’s notes: Gutierrez off to Mayo Clinic

The Mariners are still trying to figure out what is wrong with center fielder Franklin Gutierrez.

Mariners’ center fielder Franklin Gutierrez is going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN., Tuesday to have his ongoing stomach issues looked into. Mariners manager Eric Wedge said there is no timetable for Gutierrez beyond that.

There is the start of one for closer David Aardsma, who did on-field drills with the team Monday afternoon. He’s expected to get rehabilitation work Tuesday in Tacoma.

“He’s going to probably need three or four outings,” Wedge said. “But that’s always subject to change. That’s why we’ll see how tomorrow goes, first time back out, then go from there.”

Wedge said when Aardsma returns to the Major Leagues, his first outing will not be in a closing role.

The fundamentals are fundamental

Much has been made about the Mariners doing a full-squad workout prior to Monday’s game. If you were not looking at a thermometer, Monday’s display of cutoffs and covers of first base looked like spring training.

Players came off the field sweating and heading for the Gatorade. In a harrowing moment, Felix Hernandez made a long stretch when covering first base. It’s the kind of play that could be followed by the words “groin strain.” Hernandez was fine, though he joked about that issue with his teammates.

“We’ll do it every now and again during the season,” Wedge said. “It’s nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Been asked about it quite a bit today.”

Platoon at second?

There’s not strict left/right platoon at second base according to Wedge.

Adam Kennedy hits left-handed. Jack Wilson right-handed. Luis Rodriguez is a switch-hitter.

“I like the way Kennedy is swinging the bat, I like the way Rodriguez is swinging the bat, so they’ve been getting more time,” Wedge said. “It’s nice to have options.”


  • howard the duck

    I find it hard to believe that a guy with GI problem in Seattle, w/ the best hospitals in the country, hasn’t got a diagnosis in over 9-10 mos. (or whatever the time period). Is Guttieriez getting sub-par doctoring? Has he been to a fancy practice, or UW Hosp., here? If he’s been to the best of Seattle and they can’t diagnose it, then it must be a very very rare and problematic disease, like some of the very bad cases of amoebic dysentary. Just guessing. But why the heck so long for GI problem. I’m worried about him.

  • Anonymous

    come on, 

    before the start of last year, nobody would have predicted how Mike Williams would play. I love that he ended up being such a great receiver for us, but here it is, not even a game officially played, and its all about TJ being a weak link? 

    The Media is all about the bandwagon but you will end eating those words.