BY Steve Rudman 07:41AM 01/12/2011

Nobody Asks But Us

With the Seahawks getting ready to play the Bears, we wanted to get the scoop on the most popular team jerseys and gear. Noel Zanchelli pops the question.

What are the best-selling items in the Seahawks’ team store?

Here is everything you wanted to know about the most popular Seahawks jerseys but couldn’t ask yourself. We can’t tell you how many total jerseys are sold during the course of the season or whose number is tallied the most, but we can cover the rest. Sportspress Northwest’s Noel Zanchelli went to the Seahawks official Team Store at Qwest Field looking for answers.


  • SpudzDP

    Both teams looked like contenders in the Andrew Luck derby.  May the worst team win.

  • thxNJ7Z

    As bad as the Seahawks were, the saddest part of the game was seeing Dick Stockton struggle so mightily. He seemed utterly confused. I hope he’s OK. seriously, I mean, it was like watching someone inflicted with dimentia.