BY Seth Kolloen 07:23AM 01/14/2011

January 14, 2011: Did Stanford Upset Huskies? Or Did Assault Allegations?

Washington comes up lame offensively, Sounders come up with five new players, and Willie Bloomquist comes up with another $1 million.

Dawgs Go Down: So, whaddya think? Did the sexual assault allegations haunting the Husky basketball team help cause their worst offensive performance of the year? Guards not named Isaiah Thomas shot 5-21. Or is it more that Stanford came out with a fierce performance against the favored Dawgs?

Sounders Draft: The Sounders traded down to the second round of the MLS draft to get salary cap space, but still ended up with a guy they considered a first-round talent: Left-footed midfielder Michael Tetteh of Ghana, via UC Santa Barbara. Read Stanley Holmes’ draft recap for more on Tetteh and the Sounders’ other four picks.

What they’re saying…

“Somehow, my gut — and it is a large gut — tells me the #Huskies would have won had this game been televised. We would have willed it!!” — @206SportsFan

“I swear we the ONLY ranked team that’s NOT on tv… They really got Oregon on tv????? Crazy” — Isaiah Thomas

“Tryna take this 1 on the chin but when u lose by 2 and only get to take 5shots its hard..need 2 make a bigger impact..won’t let this happen again.” — Matthew Bryan-Amaning

“The Huskies ‘Coug’ed’ it!” — @CoachCurrie

“The van was goin’ downhill but we couldn’t stop it. ” — Lorenzo Romar

In other news…

Blazers and former UW star Brandon Roy will have arthroscopic surgery on both of his “knees.” If the surgery goes well, Roy could be back in six weeks. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Seahawks QB coach Jedd Fisch is leaving, after the playoffs, to be the new offensive coordinator at Miami (FL).

Willie Bloomquist has scored another $1 million contract for the fourth year in a row. Bloomquist was exactly at replacement level last year, according to WAR. But of course WAR CAN’T MEASURE HEART!

Franklin High junior guard Anrio Adams will transfer to Husky farm team Connecticut prep school South Kent. Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning both attended South Kent, where current UW assistant Raphael Chillious was their coach.

The Yankees have signed former Mariner Rafael Soriano to be Mariano Rivera’s set up guy. Nice to have a set up guy who led the league in saves.

Seattle U hoops lost to Utah Valley.

Got Five Minutes? Watch CBS’s Seth Davis ask tough questions to NCAA Prez (and former UW Prez) Mark Emmert. Or read this fascinating Q&A about offensive line play with former All Pac-10 lineman Ben Muth

This weekend’s action…

Pac-10 Hoops: Arizona @ Arizona St., 11:30 a.m. (FSN)
NFL Playoffs: Baltimore @ Pittsburgh, 1:30 p.m. (CBS-7)
Pac-10 Hoops: UCLA @ Oregon, 2 p.m. (CSN)
Pac-10 Hoops: Washington St. @ Stanford, 5 p.m. (850-AM)
NFL Playoffs: Green Bay @ Atlanta, 5 p.m. (FOX-13)
Pac-10 Hoops: USC @ Oregon St., 7:30 p.m. (FSN)

NFL Playoffs: Seahawks @ Chicago, 10 a.m. (FOX-13)
NFL Playoffs: N.Y. Jets @ New England, 1:30 p.m. (CBS-7)
Pac-10 Hoops: Washington @ California, 7 p.m. (FSN)


  • Frank

    The last time an NFL Asst. left to become the Off. Coordinator of a Florida school, the Chiefs got destoryed by the Ravens. #Weissed

  • crumudgeon

    The SeaHawks showed the kind of improvement that only a home game could make possible.  Was it real improvement or just a typical home game against a relatively equal rival?  We won’t know until next week when a more talented team,the Atlanta Falcons comes to town.  This will be the true bench test of whether or not this team has made the kind of progress that separates them from expansion team status.  

  • Vsualyz

    Sex with the ex?  Come on…you couldn’t come up with a better analogy than that?  It’s a stretch at best, definitely not tasteful.  I get where you’re going, just thought your headline was terrible.

  • “the last refuge of the light-thinking fan” love that line. My greatest concern re: Jackson is that he has not been able to find either Miller or Williams, both of whom have proven their abilities as receivers. He needs to get comfortable throwing to them and looking for them right away if the offense is going to get on track.