BY Todd Dybas 07:36AM 03/18/2011

Romar no stranger to Georgia’s Thompkins

The Washington coach worked last summer with Georgia’s star. Will it matter Friday when Washington faces Georgia?

CHARLOTTE — Washington doesn’t need much game tape on Georgia’s leading scorer and rebounder Trey Thompkins.

Thompkins played for Washington coach Lorenzo Romar last summer on the USA select team. Once “Georgia” popped up on the television screen Selection Sunday, “Thompkins” popped into Romar’s head.

“I remember him because I had not seen Trey play a lot,” Romar said, “but was able to watch him play every day and loved his attitude, loved his mobility, his versatility.”

Thompkins reciprocated, saying he “loved every second of it” last summer when he worked with Romar.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning knows it will very much be up to him to slow Thompkins Friday. He’ll also have help to do so.

“With our guards, we will be able to dig down a lot,” Bryan-Amaning said. “Myself, Justin (Holiday), Darnell (Gant), a lot of taller guys who can move our feet on the perimeter.”

Holiday will draw the athletic Travis Leslie. He works primarily off Georgia’s beloved flex screen, which brings him chances to score in the post. Leslie’s bounce also allows him to pull in 7.2 rebounds per game.

“He can over the top and try to curl or come on the backside and maybe get a lob or post on the block,” Holiday said. “After that, he might be coming off a double.

“(I need to) make sure I stay between him and the ball. Like we do to keep a guy from catching it. That’s the main thing. Make sure I keep him from catching it, especially close to the basket because he’s so explosive.”

That’s the same powder-based term Georgia coach Mark Fox used to describe Washington’s offense, keeping the kudos-to-all mantra that comes the day before tournament games. Keep in mind this is the same day Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina coach Roy Williams described their fear of overmatched opponents.

Fox largely dismissed his time at Washington. He was a graduate assistant then an assistant from 1991-93 under Lynn Nance. Washington was not good then and Fox explained the commitment to basketball at the university has changed.

“There’s probably a far greater importance and emphasis on basketball at UW than there was when I was there,” Fox said. “When I was there, you know, we didn’t win a lot of games.”

Washington hopes to add another loss to his resume Friday night.


  • Trav_jill

    But the second-biggest development is the opportunity to second-guess the coach on his choice of quarterback. Whitehurst completed 11 of 19 passes for 149 yards. THIS WAS LESS THAN TWO QUARTERS

    Jackson was 15 of 22 for 166 yards.THIS TOOK 3/4s OF THE GAME WOW!!!

  • Herb Huseland

    During preseason I wasn’t impressed with Whitehirst at all. Last Sunday a different Whitehurst showed up. Pinpoint passing, great vision down field, he had it all. I just hope it wasn’t a fluke. If it wasn’t, the Seahawks have two first string QB’s.  

  • Herb Huseland

    For those that dissed Hasselback, I suggest you look at the standings specifically Tennessee. He never had a good offensive line. QB’s seldome throw accurately fromn on their backs.

    • Anonymous

      Hasselbeck sucked because he was not mobile. He didn’t have a bad o-line for the last 5 years – he just can’t move.
      Unfortunately, when the o-line is as bad as the Seahawks, you just have to get a QB in there that has some legs and Hasselbeck didn’t have any.
      He is in a perfect situation now with a solid o-line and a super halfback.
      If you watched Sundays’ game though, he’ll never get that team really going unless he gets away from the 5-10 yard dink passes. It makes for great personal stats, but not necessarily a win.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the better production from Jackson Sunday. It seems he’s still “thinking” and it seems he has trouble getting into rhythm. Whitehurst did a good job, especially off the bench and seems to have the rhythm and the ability to run the team better than Jackson in the no-huddle.

    Overall they both did well (Especially considering how the line SUCKS), and Whitehurst, to me, seemed more polished and sure in the position.

    It’s just a shame there were the 2 red zone fumbles in the first half (INEXCUSABLE) which would have made it a completely diffferent game.

    PS: The line, as bad as it is, had definitely shown improvement since the first game. Hopefully they continue to improve.