BY Seth Kolloen 11:12PM 01/23/2011

Seahawks embarrass themselves without playing

Brock and Curry prove stupid is as stupid does

The Seahawks making the playoffs with a 7-9 record wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the performance some of them gave on Twitter Sunday afternoon — bashing Jay Cutler for leaving Sunday’s NFC Championship game with a knee injury.

“Cutler…wut a sissy! This is the NFC Championship game,” wrote Raheem Brock.

“You dont not play in the NFC championship game cuz your knee hurt, only way I’d come out is if my knee is jus shattered,” wrote Aaron Curry.

These two had no idea what the severity of Cutler’s injury was, and blasted out opinions so ignorant, even the proverbial blogger in his mom’s basement would be ashamed. And, hey, if Cutler were so easy to knock out of a game, why didn’t healthy Brock and Curry manage to do it last week in the divisional playoff?

I’m also wondering–what was their opinion of Matt Hasselbeck sitting out against the Rams, in what was essentially a playoff game? Hasselbeck was well enough to stand on the sidelines, did they think he was a sissy? Maybe they did…

What they’re saying…

“Can’t wait for the polls asking whether the Seahawks should go after Caleb Hanie.” — @kpelton

“I hate the Steelers. But it’s good to have a team to hate. So thanks Stealers.” — @ShapeShiftr

“Are these #huskies better then the nate robinson and brandon roy huskies? i think they may be.” — @Mr_Dawson89

“I want to be here for a long, long time.” — Steve Sarkisian

In other news…

The Dawgs fended off another team who’d saved their best game of the year for your Pac-10 leaders. Arizona State hit 9 of 15 threes, but still lost by 13 points. Matthew Bryan-Amazing scored a career-high 30, and the Dawgs put up 88 overall, most against ASU in regulation since Herb Sendek took over. Washington 15-4 (7-1), 1st in Pac-10 (+1.5 games). Next game Sunday @ Wazzu.

Here’s a photo of Felix Hernandez’ Cy Young Award, which he got for real over the weekend.

A quarterback ranked 21st in the nation switched his commitment from Utah to UW. Derrick Brown is 6’3″, 225, and can supposedly both run and pass. So a Cam Newton type, I guess. Bark for Sark!

The details of Sarkisian’s buyout clause are out. If UW fires him, he gets 70 percent of what’s left on his contract. If he leaves UW, he could owe the school as much as $2.5M, depending on what year of his contract he’s in. Sarkisian talked to our Todd Dybas about the deal over the weekend.

Twitter rumors have Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan being offered a contract by the Sounders. Forlan is one of the 20 or so international soccer players whose name I actually recognize (up from probably five 10 years ago), so he must be pretty good.

Former UW star Brandon Roy talked about his recovery from double knee surgery for the first time. Basically he can’t do anything basketball-related, and doesn’t know when that will change.

Today’s action…

NCAA Hoops: Seattle U @ Fresno St., 8 p.m. (710-AM)


  • Joe

    I agree with those guys about Cutler, he sure didn’t look that hurt. He wasn’t playing well anyway.

  • duddypow

    so Cutler tore his MCL. pretty legit. guess the fact that he wasn’t limping proved he actually IS tough?

    • JChox

      Brock should know better, he’s a vet. At least he’s earned the right to talk by being in the league as long as he has. Curry- shut yo mouth! The dude just needs to be heard to validate his existence I guess. His play isn’t getting him the attention he wants, so now he does this. Aaron- I guess you should have played more last year (2009) when you had that stinger…your leg wasn’t shattered!

      I don’t like Cutler, he’s a whiny baby at times. But his track record shows that his toughness shouldn’t be in question.