BY Steve Rudman 07:18AM 01/31/2011

TWTWTW: Isaiah Thomas sounds off on Pullman

Isaiah Thomas didn’t endear himself to the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, and then couldn’t walk the talk during the basketball equivalent of the Apple Cup.

The wheat fields near Pullman, WA. / Photo by

Jan. 24-30, 2011

  • Good Week — Wide receiver Kasen Williams becomes the first player from the state of Washington to be named national Player of the Year by Parade magazine. During his four years at Skyline High, the University of Washington recruit caught 235 passes for 4,121 yards and 56 touchdowns.
  • Bad Week — The Mariners get hit with more off-the-field legal problems when they learn that Adam Kennedy, signed to a minor league free-agent contract, has been arrested in Newport Beach, CA, and charged with DUI. Kennedy takes full responsibility for the DUI, even going so far to telephone several Seattle reporters to express his regret over the incident.
  • Sunday, Jan. 30 — Washington State coach Ken Bone devises a perfect plan to foil Isaiah Thomas — the Cougars force him down the middle and hold him to 3-for-13 shooting — and snap their four-game losing streak to the Huskies. Huskies and Cougars now have a chance to finish in the top three in the conference for the first time in Pac-10 play.
  • Saturday, Jan. 29 — Chone Figgins tells reporters during FanFest at Safeco Field that he doesn’t want to be traded to Oakland, or anywhere else. “This is where I want to be, and until they force me out of here, I’ll always love playing here.” Adds GM Jack Zduriencik: “Our plan when we open the season is that Chone is going to be our third baseman.” Well, it does beat Jose Lopez.
  • Friday, Jan. 28 — Rumors surface to the effect that the Oakland A’s are pursuing Seattle infielder Chone Figgins in a deal in which the Mariners coould possibly acquire 3B Kevin Kozmanoff and a pitcher. Source for this story: The Oakland Tribune, which cites “sources with knowledge of the situation.” Pays to be skeptical of these types of reports.
  • Thursday, Jan. 27 — In response to the question,” What do you think about Pullman,” UW guard Isaiah Thomas says, “It’s just like a prep school. It’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s snowing. It’s cold. I don’t understand why people want to go there.” Believe us: today’s trash talk between the Huskies are Cougars is lame compared to the 1980s.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 26 —  Tim Lincecum (top pro), Apolo Ohno (top male), Jessica Pixler (top female) and Felix Hernandez (top story) snag awards at the Sports Star of the Year banquet. Best part of the night: Keith Jackson’s tribute to former Mariner announcer Dave Niehaus.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 25 — After an erratic Monday practice at the Senior Bowl, in which he had one pass intercepted and fired high on several others, Washington’s Jake Locker gets dialed in and generally wows NFL scouts. For some teams, Locker is too much of a long-range project to take real high the draft. For others, he’s far too athletic not to take high in the draft.
  • Monday, Jan. 24 — Washington’s Isaiah Thomas is named Pac-10 Player of the Week for the second time in three weeks after averaging 20.5 points, 9.0 assists, 6.0 rebounds and 2.0 steals in wins over Arizona and Arizona State. Among Husky guards dating to the formation of the Pac-10 Conference in 1978, only Brandon Roy in 2006 had a bigger statistical impact than Thomas in 2011.

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  • Helpful information and facts! I have been looking for everything like that for quite a while these days. Regards!

  • Michael Kaiser

    Yes, it was a special evening.  And, yes, I could not help but wonder what the 2001 players and coaches were thinking up in the boxes as they were watching the latest incarnation of the team.  How the Mariners were ever lucky enough to get hold of a Lou Piniella for ten years is beyond me, as I place him with Don James as the most impacting manager/coach/etc. in Seattle sports history.  Sorry Chuck Knox, George Karl, Lenny Wilkins, and I am sure I am leaving someone else out.   And, in the end, while the surface answer to what “saved” the Mariners is the 1995 season, the much deeper answer is Lou Piniella.  He is the entire reason I stood on my tiptoes trying to get a glimpse of the introductions tonight.  I knew they were saving the best for last.  

  • Pchaak

    I have a promotional idea for the M’s, how about Lets Win a Game Night.  Just a thought.