BY SPNW Staff 02:28PM 01/28/2011

Jason Reid, director of ‘Sonicsgate’

The director of the nationally acclaimed documentary talks about his latest project, NFL kickers, with SPNW Noel Zanchelli

Jason Reid has turned his filmmaking passion from pro basketball to pro football.

The latest project for the director of the award-winning “Sonicsgate” documentary, on the departure of the Sonics, is a film on NFL kickers, the overlooked players who are more responsible than most for game outcomes.

A graduate of Bishop Blanchet and the University of Washington, Reid took his anger over the Sonics’ departure and turned it into a locally and nationally acclaimed documentary.

Before “Sonicsgate,” Reid and three friends in the summer of 2008 rode their bicycles from Shanghai to Beijing and made “Man Zou,” about their bike-borne engagement with Chinese culture.

Sportspress Northwest video director Noel Zanchelli sat down with Reid in the green room at a recent fund raiser for the project.  They discussed Sonicsgate, Reid’s new project and why he rode his bicycle across China.

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  • hillbillybob

    What, pray tell, can one get for Ichiro, without eating much of the salary?  There may be a lot of teams that would like him, but zero to few at the current salary. 

    And he’s a 10/5 guy.  He gets to approve the trade.  I doubt he would agree to go to any Rust Belt team. 

    Art is correct when he says he could be afforded on a team with a 120-130 M payroll.  If the big payday was the president’s idea, his baseball people should have told him that is not the norm and that additional money would be needed for some power in the lineup (which should come, in part from the RFer). 

  • Michael Kaiser

    So are you saying there was an excuse in 1992 and that now we just suck?  I remember a day game in 1992 that twice I stepped outside from or something and missed two Kevin Mitchell homers, a somewhat measurable portion of his rather paltry production that year.  Griffey apparently liked him, though.  Also, another aspect of our “imbalance” is two leadoff hitters, one a pure leadoff hitter and the other one of the leading hitters of all time.  Difficult situation that has hurt everyone involved and most of all, I believe, the team.

  • Bobby

    Felix Hernandez is arguably the most valuable pitcher in the league, in terms of talent and age. He and Pineda are better building blocks than anything we’d get in return. The thought of taking the Yankees top 4 prospects or some other teams top young guys is definitely intriguing, but I don’t think giving up Felix is the answer here.
    Smoak has had a rough year, both on and off the field, but give him some more time. He clearly has the talent. Ackley looks solid. Let’s be patient and add bats around what we already have. I don’t see how blowing it up is the answer at this point.