BY Doug Farrar 10:10AM 01/29/2011

Mason Foster

Sportspress Northwest catches up with the former University of Washington linebacker as he begins the first part of the pre-draft process.

Washington linebacker Mason Foster lines up during Senior Bowl practice week. (Doug Farrar/Sportspress Northwest)

Sportspress Northwest’s Doug Farrar caught up with Washington Huskies linebacker Mason Foster during practice week at the 2011 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Foster talked about his experiences with the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff (they’re coaching the North Team, which Foster and Jake Locker are on), how Donald Butler’s draft success last year drives him forward, which linebackers he finds most inspirational, and what he hopes to prove through this week of practices and Saturday’s Senior Bowl game.

Through practices this week, Foster has shown the skills that made him the Pac-10’s leading tackler in 2010 — he flew to the ball at all times, displayed the ability to line up in different areas, and went through the drills with intensity. He’s one to watch in the Senior Bowl game and through the rest of the pre-draft evaluation process.


  • Dave J

    It was no surprise to see Mason flying to the ball in this game – if you wanted to know where the play went, look for the purple and gold helmet!

    I was a little disappointed that the announcers didn’t say anything about him in their postgame summation as someone that stood out. Whomever drafts him will be getting more than their money’s worth.

  • Johnarms

    “whose tip to himself in the 90th minute appeared to be a save that saved the game. ” Chicago was called off-sides on the play. Had they scored it wouldn’t have counted.