BY Seth Kolloen 12:40PM 01/31/2011

Bone Bites Dawg: Wazzu game plan stops Isaiah

Exit 164: The best way to start your Seattle sports day

Ken Bone Earns “Salary”: The Wazzu coach earned his annual payment of a side of beef and three cans of Cougar Gold last night, devising a brilliant game plan that had his Cougs whomp the Huskies. Bone’s 2-3 zone kept Isaiah Thomas in check by keeping him from driving left or right, but forcing him to the middle, where the Cougs’ big bodies awaited him.

Klay for P.O.W. Found Alive: All those Husky fans who were saying “head-to-head” matters in the race for Pac-10 Player of the Year? I hope you’ll be arguing Klay Thompson’s case today. Thompson scored 25 points in just 30 minutes, to go with 4 assists and 5 steals. Isaiah Thomas (3-13 from the field) not only wasn’t the best player on the court, he wasn’t the best point guard, as Wazzu’s Reggie Moore spearheaded a potent Coug attack.

Husky fans, this should cheer you up.

What They’re Saying…

“”For them to storm the floor, I’ll remember that when they come over here.” — Isaiah Thomas

“We’re in-state rivals so we go extra hard against this team. Any game, we play as hard as we possibly can.” — UW’s Sarah Morton on playing Wazzu. Kids, see if you can spot the “contradiction.”

“People ask me why I hired him. I say I was afraid during the interview not to.” — Jack Zduriencik on Eric Wedge.

“I’m a Seattle Mariner. I’m going to play third base unless they rip the jersey off me.” — Chone Figgins, who not coincidentally wears a novelty tear-away jersey.

In Other News…

–The Mariners might trade Chone Figgins, but Figgins wants to stay.

–Former UW quarterback (sniff!) Jake Locker was 6-10 for 98 yards in the Senior Bowl.

–The Mariners are in talks with former A’s closer Justin Duchscherer

–Teenage Gambian Seedy Bah is pushing for a spot on the Sounders’ final roster. He already has the first spot on the 2011 Exit 164 All-Names Team.

–The Sounders had their annual speed test. Can you guess who was first?

–The Husky women hoopsters won their 31st straight game over Washington State. Someday, perhaps, we won’t have to put a comma between “game” and “over” in that sentence.

–Former Seahawk Bobby Engram was hired by the 49ers as an assistant coach. Engram is 4th on the Seahawks’ all-time receiving yards list.

–Former Mariner Casey Kotchman signed with the Rays. Kotchman is 1st on the Mariners all-time sucking list.

–UW defensive coordinator Nick Holt’s son, Nick Holt VI, will walk-on for the Huskies.

Today’s action…

NCAA Hoops: Seattle U @ Loyola Marymount, 7 p.m. (710-AM)


  • SeattleNative

    Don’t forget Larry Bernandez.

  • Levi Penick

    I think you undersell the Putz deal.  It brought back Gutierrez, Vargas, AND Carp.

  • Alex

    So the M’s bench Ichiro and do what with his big contract next year?  

  • spudzDP

    Being a GM must be tough when it’s time to let go of players who show potential.  Look at all the talented, young outfielders the M’s have — Saunders, Wells and the rest  — they can’t just hang around, rotting on the vine in Tacoma.  Some have to be dealt.  One or more of them could possibly turn it around given the opportunity somewhere else.  That would be good for the players, but bad for Jack Z.  The GM’s get paid to make those tough decisions though, and hopefully, this winter and spring our GM will earn his money and make the right call.  
    But given the poor judgement of the people who hired him, he might end up being forced into making some bad decisions — through no fault of his own —  based on politics and timid financing, and, as a result, find himself without a job.  Good Luck with that.

  • Smiling Michael

    Art, I don’t believe you take away at bats from one of the greatest hitters in MLB history. If the Mariners want to take a look at the youngsters in order to get them enough at bats, they do not have to do so at Ichiros expense. Call them up now,  send the guys your not playin down and get the sampl size you need.

    There, problem solved

    Its not gonna happen anyway,