BY SPNW Staff 07:04PM 02/14/2011

A chat with the Mariners’ Kevin Cremin

No one outside family felt the loss of Dave Niehaus more than the quiet guy in the booth

Kevin Cremin is about to enter his 29th season as executive producer/engineer for all Mariners radio broadcasts. The Tulsa, OK., native is the senior radio engineer in the American League (he joined the Mariners in 1983), and one of the Mariners’ longest-tenured employees.

Cremin tells how he came to the Mariners and reveals a tale about Dave Niehaus’s true love for baseball.


  • jafabian

    It would help if the M’s got a good batting lineup behind him.  Ichiro’s best years were when he got decent protection, something last year’s team couldn’t give him.  Chone Figgins was to be the ideal #2 guy and he was anything but that.  The # 3, 4 and 5 hitters haven’t produced and that won’t happen this year. 

    Ichiro will be the new Dale Murphy.  Long time, MVP All Star career, not much of a playoff history to show for it.

    • Anonymous

      You make excellent points and I would like to thank you for weighing in. I hope Ichiro proves me completely wrong and has a tremendous season. Thanks for visiting the web site.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you about Ichiro going after the longball a bit more, even at the risk of his batting average dropping…I’ve heard he’s got power in BP, too, although BP is a lot different than live pitching when they’re actually trying to get you out instead of grooving ’em in.

    Still, as Rudman says, Ichiro isn’t going to change his approach.  He is the ultimate creature of habit, and (until last year) it’s worked extremely well for him.  He wants those 3,000 hits and uppercutting won’t get that done.  I’d love to see a rebound year because Ichiro’s the only one of four Hall of Fame players who has stayed loyal to Seattle and the Mariners: Griffey, Johnson and A-Rod all bailed one way or another, but Ichiro hasn’t. A happy medium will have to be reached between a team that won’t pay Ichiro what he’s been getting (I’m sure the M’s have gotten that money back through TV rights and merchandising in Japan) and a very proud player who doesn’t strike me as someone who’ll take kindly to lowball offers for 2013.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I like your points and it will be interesting to see what happens with Ichiro this season.

  • One174

    ” faded, like a rotting melon, into an ordinary ballplayer”

    So Ichiro is a “rotting melon”, and when he rots he sinks to the level of an ordinary ballplayer? Steve, I think you have dipped into the simile bag once too often!

  • Anonymous

    if ichiro doesn’t go for 200 hits, what the hell will we mariners fans have to keep us interested after june?

    • Anonymous

      I take it you don’t collect bobble heads?

  • Wilburwatson

    Even at his prime Ichiro was perfectly suited for the mariners.  A statistical star on a loosing team.

  • Max

    Dwayne Bowe was franchise tagged by the Chiefs

    • Artthiel

       Got it, Max. Thanks.