BY Seth Kolloen 07:42AM 02/10/2011

Exit 164: Is Steve Sarkisian a Lib’rul? Will Huskies Bust Slump?

The frightening truth about Steve Sarkisian’s politics, and my Husky hoops guarantee.

Is Sarkisian a Democrat?
Husky football head coach Steve Sarkisian offered disturbing insight into his political views yesterday in a Seattle Times chat. Asked for his dream golf foursome, Sarksian replied: “Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Barack Obama. Three of the greatest competitors of all time.”

It seems to me that if you have something that positive to say about a politician, you probably adhere to his political views. Which means that probably the University of Washington’s head football coach votes Democrat.

I do not approve.

Let me first point out that I myself am a Democrat. I have chosen a Democrat in every Presidential election for which I have been eligible to vote–except for 1996 (when, obviously, I voted for Ken Griffey Jr). I’ve worked for liberal campaigns, I even donated money to Obama.

But that doesn’t mean I want my favorite team’s football coach to be a Democrat. Football coaches should be hard-nosed, practical men, who believe in good grooming, wearing slacks, and adherence to traditions like tackling low and establishing the running game. The ideal football coach, if you asked him whether he believed in “hope” or “change,” would punch you in the neck.

Maybe Sarkisian just happens to like Obama, but adheres to the principles of conservatism in his football dealings. We can “hope.” (Ugh.)

Huskies Will Bust Slump Tonight
What causes bad defense? There’s laziness. There’s fear. There’s over-aggressiveness. There’s fatigue. There’s general incompetence. And there’s just overall bad timing.

In the case of the Husky basketball team, which has put up three of their four worst defensive performances of the year in the past two weeks, we can rule out laziness –they’ve put up some of their best defensive rebounding performances in the past four games. We can rule out fear — they’ve stepped in to commit 82 fouls in the four games. Over-aggressiveness isn’t a problem, not on defense at least, where the Dawgs have had just 4 steals in the past 2 games. It’s not incompetence, these are the same guys who held Arizona to 68 points.

So that leaves us with bad timing or fatigue. If it’s the latter, it shouldn’t be a problem tonight, not after four full days off. If it’s the former, if the Huskies have just happened to have three bad defensive showings in four games, odds are they’ll put up a better showing tonight.

Add in a return to the friendly freaks of Romarville, and the inevitable home-court advantage conferred by the Pac-10’s trained referees, and I expect to see the Dawgs snap out of their slump in a big way against Cal.

In other news…

Seattle U beat Utah Valley 63-57, behind some clutch scoring, defense, and passing by Cervante Burrell.

The Mariners signed Felix Hernandez’ older, smaller, less-talented brother Moises to a minor league contract. No, you aren’t the only one having Craig Griffey flashbacks.

Mt. Tahoma H.S. product and Husky All-American CB Ray Horton is the new defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals. Horton was DB coach for the Steelers.

Seahawks defensive assistant Mike Phair has taken a job as defensive line coach with the Bears. Football coaches must all rent, right?

There was this really funny scene in Hard Knocks this season where Jets backup QB and former Husky Mark Brunell said he would never let his teenage daughter meet Mark Sanchez. Turns out that was a good instinct.

Speaking of Griffeys, The Times’ Larry Stone thinks Ken Jr. might show up as a consultant/coach for the M’s this spring.

Mega hoops prospect Angelo Chol will visit Washington on Friday. So if you see a 6-9 individual walking around with Lorenzo Romar, be sure to offer him cash. Kidding! Avert your eyes and back away slowly, lest the NCAA take your children.

2011 Comeback Player of the Year (ha!) Milton Bradley won’t find out if he’ll be charged with a crime for his domestic violence arrest until at least March 9. He was to have a hearing on the charges today, but it’s been delayed.

The Seahawks signed University of Minnesota DT Barrett Moen to the active roster. Moen, who was briefly in minicamp with the Hawks earlier this year, is the latest competition for Craig Terrill (in football, not at guitar).

The Storm signed two Aussies who can shoot the three, the team’s biggest deficiency last year.

The Sounders’ Swedish import Erik Friberg looks like a perfect fit, writes Stanley Holmes.

The next two weeks will define Matthew Bryan-Amaning’s Husky career, writes Bob Sherwin.

Today’s action…

Pac-10 Hoops: Cal @ Washington, 6 p.m. (FSN)
Pac-10 Hoops: Stanford @ Washington St., 7 p.m. (850-AM)
Pac-10 Hoops: Oregon @ UCLA, 7:30 p.m. (CSN)
Pac-10 Hoops: Oregon St. @ USC, 8 p.m. (FSN)
WCC Hoops: Gonzaga @ Loyola Marymount, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)


  • B’ham Fan

    I’m a conservative, Seth. I don’t care if Sark is a democrat and loves Obama, I just don’t want to KNOW he does. I prefer my sports, especially my beloved Huskies, to be devoid of politics. There are enough places to pursue and discuss those passions.