BY Art Thiel 10:44AM 02/17/2011

A chat with Jack Zduriencik

Mariners GM talks about the M’s need to win and the need to play youngsters

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik has a formidable task this spring: Recovering from the disastrous 2010 season by deploying younger players with some journeymen free agents while trying to remain competitive.

At the 76th annual Star of the Year event at Benaroya Hall last month, Zduriencik talked about the balancing act on the eve of spring training with Sportspress Northwest columnist Art Thiel.

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  • Datdude

    I for one think this lineup has a ton of potential. Haters gonna hate

  • Jamo57

    His resume is so much thicker than Krieg’s:
    7th round pick over a free agent.   (A gutsy move by the Hawks no doubt, not as gutsy as the 6th round Hasselbeck though)
    LSU vs. Milton College (However it is an enticing thought to ponder the possibililty of LSU folding up shop like Milton did).
    On the serious side, the LSU experience and perhaps even the Packer experience might help him manage the expectations side of the biz.

  • Dusty827

    Flynn has started only 2 games, but has played in 34 in the time he’s been with the Packers. So he has tons more NFL experience to what Matt Hasselbeck had when he came to the Hawks under Holmgren. In fact, Hasselbeck had no starts and only exhibition game experience at GB. As long as Flynn is just steady and not a liability, I’ll be very happy. This team is a run first offense, sprinkled with the passing game, not the other way around, and the QB doesn’t have to be the star. Great deal Seattle!

    • Artthiel

       Flynn in his first year will be able to manage the game, and not necessarily have to win it. Except for th SF games, which Pete wants bad.

  • Old Dog

    I’m in for Flynn. When comparing Krieg and Hasselbeck keep in mind the brutal division the AFC West was during Krieg and Chuck Knox’s tenure vs the NFC West (light). If we have a scrapper like Krieg was – it will be outstanding!

    • Artthiel

       Old dog, good reminder about the AFC West. Flynn has some Mudbone in him.

  • jafabian

    It’s Hasselbeck all over again.  Flynn will be given the chance to start but most likely he’ll split time with Jackson and be expected to simply learn the offense.  Hard luck for Jackson as that towards the end of the season things started to click but the first half of the season he looked like he was forcing things and the last game of the season didn’t look too good for him either.  We’ve seen from the fact that Jim Mora was canned after only one season as well as GM Rich Cho with the Blazers that Paul Allen has limited patience nowadays.

    • Artthiel

       The point about Allen is well taken, jafabian. No green bananas for this dude.

  • RadioGuy

    I think a key factor here is that of the $26 million, “only” $10 million is guaranteed.  Still a fair amount of money, but when we consider how much was spent so Charlie Whitehurst could spend a couple years holding a clipboard before hightailing it back to San Diego, it’s not as bad as it could’ve been.  Flynn may end up collecting all $26 million, but he’ll have to earn it.

    All in all, I like this deal.  I’d like to see some of Flynn lining up under center with THIS team (as opposed to a high-octane offense like the Packers) before anointing him the starter in Seattle.  Tarvaris Jackson is not the long-term answer here and some of his decisions were, uhhhh, “questionable” at times, but Flynn should have to prove he’s better before he starts.  Let’s see how the kid competes.

  • You know, “the same guys who brought Seattle Charlie Whitehurst ” are ALSO the same guys who brought us Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Russell Okung, Earl Thomas….

    • someknucklehead

      Noted, but evaluating a QB vs a DB or RB is like evaluating a wine vs evaluating a cigar. Not the same thing….

  • Dennis Shimmel

    Flynn has shown ( in limited appearances) that he can read a defense and the whole field. That by it self is a huge upgrade. Now if we can only get another WR or two and HOPE our O-line can remain healthy and continue to grow this team is definitely headed in the right direction.

  • 1coolguy

    Here’s to hoping either QB will operate behind a MUCH improved OL.
    If the OL performs well, it will be a very good season.

  • Belovedson

    the gamble we took on flynn is the right way of approaching free agents. he has a high ceiling _ matt and costs a little more than backup money. It opens the door to more possibility in the draft. in so many categories we win. reaching for a qb will set us back, most likely. if flynn is a slightly better qb, and we had him last year = maybe, playoff?

    so many fans expect a team to somehow read the future and pick the right franchise qb and that simply does not happen. having a game plan, being smart, and methodical, without panic often results in wins. wins provides a better chance at the super bowl.

    i am not so sure why the hate on the flynn pick up  

  • RadioGuy

    Nice to finally beat LA here, although I wouldn’t put as much into the absence of Beckham as a lot of people are:  He’s been coasting on his name and past reputation for years (with a very occasional “look-at-that” move).  Considering what he cost and what expectations were when he came to America, he’s more than underachieved…but, hey, he’s got a pretty wife.

    Not having Keane DID hurt LA but they did have Donovan, who I’ve come to respect a lot more in recent seasons as he’s matured.  It’s a good win.