BY Todd Dybas 10:33AM 02/21/2011

A chat with Mariners manager Eric Wedge

No big acquisitions? New M’s boss says this wasn’t the off-season to spend large cash

New Mariners manager Eric Wedge has impressed many with his fiery, blunt demeanor. Given the lack of proven talent this season, the 2011 Mariners may have to ride his personality a long way.

After seven years as manager of the Cleveland Indians, Wedge was hired by the Mariners to bring toughness and discipline to Seattle, where he demonstrated his commitment to the job by moving his family here (Mercer Island), something few of his predecessors did.

He also made his first Star of the Year awards event last month, where he stopped by to talk with Sportspress Northwest columnist Art Thiel.

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  • bruce

    Eric just blew it giving the SS spot to Ryan. For gods sake just let the kids play. If we have to watch a losing team I would prefer to give the work to the kids like Ackley. Put Wilson back at SS and put Ackley where he deserves to play 2nd base.
    What does it take to get a real manager in here. Crap I have been a student of baseball since Drysdale and Cofax give me the job. I am from the school of Billy Martin and will get the job done.

  • Anonymous

    No surprise at the poll results…I can’t imagine UW fans not thinking both these guys should stay another year.

    Ross is more NBA-ready than Wroten, but Tony has one-and-done written all over him.  He showed me by the way he transferred to Garfield and then handled his Spanish class as a senior that school is just an obstacle to making money playing basketball.  Nothing wrong with that, although why bother spending a winter not (officially) getting paid to play for a school he’ll never earn a degree from when he could’ve followed Brandon Jennings’ lead and gone to Italy for a year to play ball for six figures (with apartment, car and taxes paid for)? 

    The one-and-done rule is a joke.

    • jafabian

      Agreed.  The one-and-done rule is doing more harm than good.  Most kids aren’t ready for the NBA despite that one year and the college programs gets set back.  IMO, they should go back to the rule that you can’t join the league until your class graduates.  Won’t happen but both the NCAA and NBA would benefit from it.

  • Chevigny

    Possibly each should have a sit down with Brandon Roy in order to understand how much more prepared he was for the pros by staying in the program.
    Then they could look at the other UW players who left early and haven’t excelled.

  • uwscal

    No argument about skill and potential. Considering Washington’s roller coaster ride this season, the one missing element is maturity. These young men have superstar potential but it can only come with high level competition. 1-2 more years as division 1 starters beats 3-4 years as the 7th or 8th man off the bench in the NBA.

  • Jamo57

    Thanks for the morning chuckles, always a good way to start the day.     Pre-draft press conferences are always good for blowing smoke and these two can blow smoke with the best of them. (Remember the twitter feeds with songs with hidden draft clues?)   I could see them trading down, picking up some picks and then drafting someone no one has ever heard of if they think the LBs or DEs are too risky at number 12.

    Or maybe they weren’t blowing smoke, just making everyone think they were blowing smoke.   

    Or maybe….

  • Cute article. So as a recap, these are the reasons (for not drafting Tannehill) that you list:

    1. He started his college career as a wideout – Is there proof that converted players have a higher rate of failure in the NFL?
    2. He started only 19 games as a QB. Is there even a definitive link between college starts and NFL effectiveness? 
    3. Other QBs have busted past years when drafted in the first round.
    4. The Seahawks signed a free-agent QB that has started two NFL games. 

    Did reading any of the many scouting reports across the web cross your mind, perhaps? You know – things that actually provide a window into Ryan Tannehill the potential NFL QB?This article is quite surprising coming from you, Art, because it’s so, so poorly argued.

  • Rusty

    Loved the lead…I just about blew coffee all over my monitor.

  • Lover

    Poor argument, we have 2 serviceable qbs on the roster, tannehill would be 3rd string and wouldnt play this  year. Heck maybe Flynn turns out to be a good QB and tannehill sits for 4 years… Topple that with a good running game and solid defense, Seattle makes the most sense opposed to Cleveland, Miami, Indy, or Washington. oh and uh… face

  • Soggyblogger

    Fun story. I learned very little, but I am not complaining. Do what you do best, Art. Be funny. The world is full of serious writers, especially in the sports field. I couldn’t wade through all your serious stuff while you were in Tokyo. I might have missed a few laughs hidden in there somewhere, but you seemed infused with a Japanese seriousness while in Tokyo. 

    You have been ignoring the draft more than most sports writers, and I am hoping you will chime in with a Mock Draft. Or a Mock the draft story. Or maybe a sockem mockem draft story…..

  • Brad

    I don’t understand your argument here. You’re saying not to take a QB in the first round because they are usually failures. True enough, I guess, but some of them turn out to be great. 

    If anything I would say that, so far in PC’s tenure, this is the best year to risk a first round bust. Given the moves made in free agency to help fix some glaring needs on the roster, added with Schneider’s knack for finding talent in the later rounds and UDFAs, I don’t see a position where the Hawks NEED to go in round one.

    Also, can we please let the Whitehurst situation go. They went out and got a back up QB. It also turned out they ended up needing a decent(ish) backup QB that year. Did they pay too much for him, maybe. Did it do any long term damage to the club, no. Ask a Cardinals fans what paying too much for QB feels like. 

  • Hume Cory

    Seems like the Vikings at #3 could be pushing the QB Guru Holmgren has him  under consideration rumor. Trade down with the Dolphins? Qbs 123?

  • notaboomer

    intelligent children get my joke. 

  • Jtkxyz

    Please look up the word “intelligent” before you use it.  And while you’re at it, “joke.”

    Another bit of advice, stop at two, the gene pool doesn’t need the added stress.