BY Seth Kolloen 12:09AM 02/23/2011

Exit 164: New Husky Stadium banishes rich

Planned adjustments in new stadium would put the rich folks behind the glass

Husky Stadium is class warfare: We got our first in-depth info about the seating in new Husky Stadium, and if I were rich, I would be pissed. Plan is that the people who donate the most money will be forced into glass-enclosed rooms, shut off from the crowd and band noise that make college football so fun!

Regular folks (who I may remind you have the same God-given rights as the more fortunate) get to sit closest to the action. I pay $50,000 a year for six football games and I have to sit behind Scott from Ferndale? Sounds more like Fidel Castro’s Cuba than America to me. Don’t blame me, I voted Stan Smith for President.

Largest Seattle hoops crowd of year sees Husky romp: Fun atmosphere in and around KeyArena, as a crowd of more than 11,000–greater than Hec Ed’s capacity–turned out for the UW/SU game. The bars were packed pre-game (I hit two), and the upper half of the arena was open around center court. And I saw a guy wearing a Hersey Hawkins replica jersey. So it was almost–almost–like the joy of Sonics hoops returned for one night. Except of course the game was a pale imitation of NBA hoops, as the Dawgs rolled against the overmatched Redhawks.

Four Sounders ccore in 2-2 draw with Houston:: Newly-designated player Fredy Montero and first-round pick Michael Tetteh had Seattle’s goals (Montero’s was on a PK earned by O’Brian White.) Oddly, the two Dynamo goals were scored by former USL Sounders Cam Weaver and Brian Ching. Most of the Sounders regulars played the first 60 minutes.

What they’re saying…

“Marshawn (is) a clown. He’s just a 24-hour clown. There’s never a dull moment.” — David Hawthorne on the lighter side of Beast Mode.

“Catching an 11 o’clock flight over to Seattle to see some HS recruits & coaches. Got to stop by Dick’s for a burger – a Seattle must!” — Wazzu Hoops coach Ken Bone

In other news…

You’re gonna want to check out Terrence Ross’ through-the-legs dunk after Husky practice yesterday.

Do you score baseball games? Do you like cool design? You will love this.

Perhaps as consolation to Husky fans looking at canceling their health insurance so they can pay for future season tickets, the Seahawks announced they’re bringing back former Dawgs Roy Lewis and Isaiah Stanback.

Today’s action…

Champions League: Manchester United @ Marseille, 11:30 a.m. (Fox Soccer Channel)

Your Sounders FC will have a team in the Beach Soccer World Cup next month in Brazil. The team will contain no player or coach with any relationship whatsoever to the Sounders.

We won’t have Jose Guillen to kick around anymore. The former Mariner says he’ll retire if he isn’t offered a contract in seven days.

Here are all the regional matchups and times for the boys and girls 3A state hoops tournament, and the boys and girls 4A state hoops tournament.


  • JD

    How many people spending 50k a year WANT to sit behind Ferndale Scotty? I’d rather have 10 thousand Ferndale Scotty’s STANDING throwing support the entire game than 40 thousand Stuffed Shirt Sammy’s blowing in the wind that are in attendance for a Lake Union Social. The students got robbed. Charles Montgomery Burns be damned!

  • Joe Fan

    For the life of me, I do not understand this pick.  Why replace Portis with Wison?  We needed a home run with this pick and to fill an immediate need.  Take Wilson in round 6 if need be.

    • Artthiel

       Intangibles. Listen to this guy, as well as others who know him, he’s more than the stack of his molecules.

  • RadioGuy

    I agree with Russell Wilson being “too short.”  That’s one of the reasons San Diego was willing to send Drew Brees packing to New Orleans so they could put Philip Rivers under center instead…worked out great for the Chargers, didn’t it?  I mean, what have Brees and the Saints done since that deal?

    Seriously, I’m willing to wait and see how Wilson actually does before writing him off.  Otherwise, why even bother playing football in the first place?  We can just assign wins and losses by acclamation all the way to the Super Bowl and save the money spent on tickets by staring at our computers instead.  No sense in letting these guys actually prove on the field whether or not they belong in the NFL when our minds are already made up.

    • Artthiel

       Radio, if Wilson were 6-1, he’d be a first-rounder. If he were 5-9, he wouldn’t have been drafted. Metrics are important, but they’re not everything. Wilson is the kind of guy who can, like Drew Brees, become a outlier — the guy who breaks the mold.

      • RadioGuy

        That’s why I’m saying let’s let this guy actually get on the field in camp and prove whether he belongs.  After watching the Seahawks give up 50 sacks last year, it seems fair to say the pocket generally doesn’t hold up too well in Seattle.  Having a QB who can create plays on the run is huge, and Wilson seems to be that type of player. 

        Also, you mentioned Seneca Wallace, who I thought was a terrific athlete (best pure athlete on the team, IMHO), but Holmgren was always moving him around and never let him really find a comfort zone as a backup QB.  I don’t see that happening with Wilson, whose off-the-charts leadership abiilty gives him a mentality you want to see at QB, too.

        At the very least, he’ll challenge Portis for the 3rd QB slot on the team, but I can totally see him eventually becoming Flynn’s top backup and making Tarvaris Jackson expendable.  I liked TJ more than I thought I would last year, but I’d consider Wilson an upgrade if he can negate the size issue.

  • Nick Stanley

    It is a shame that the students are getting bumped!! For all these years the student body has been there for the Dawgs. When the play on the field was bad, where were the non- students? Not in the seats!! The A. D. and Chancellor should get moved, right out of town!! Hey, over in Pullman with their new stadium plans they are leaving the students in “their section” and adding “rich people” section above and behind them. Wow!! The Cougs have won this game!

  • Artthiel

     Definite stretch. Like Irvin. He might a Seneca Wallace — great athlete, not quite a QB.

  • Tp10super

    Wisconsin had the biggest Offensive Line in the country, averaging 6’6 and 312lbs.  Wilson had 3 balls batted down during his Senior year.  He also set the NCAA record for Passing Efficiency and was 2 hail mary’s away from playing LSU in the National Championship game.  What did Josh Portis do that gave everyone around here a hard on?  Josh Portis got kicked out of 2 schools and was undrafted.  Tavaris Jackson has 1 year left on his contract and will be gone.  What is the problem with drafting a productive, athletic, intelligent leader in the 3rd round who will be counted on to win games for you when the starter is out?  You really want Josh Portis coming into a game in 2013 after Matt Flynn gets knocked out?  Wilson is shorter than him, but he is faster, has a more accurate and bigger arm, has made plays against big time competition, and has nothing but upside.  If he was 6’1 he would have been the 3rd QB taken in this draft.  He measured 5’10 and 7/8….so that’s 2 1/8 inches…what does 2 inches matter when a guy threw for 6,700 yards and 61 TD’s his last two years in college.  Getting a backup Tackle or Guard with the 75th pick in the draft is THAT much more important?  This front office has done nothing but prove the last 3 years that they know how to evaluate talent and when/where to get them.  Tell me how many 3rd round tackles are not only starting in the NFL but would even garner value in 3 years….  What if Wilson shows up big in preseason games and filling in during the regular season while Matt Flynn proves he is the QB of the next decade.  You send him to another team for a 2nd or 3rd round pick or a player…or he is one of the better backup QB’s in the league and someone who holds the locker room together.  I’m not sure how getting that type of person and player with the 75th pick is such a negative and can come even close to being called a “waste”.  I’ll take a “very solid” QB who has proved his worth over a “very solid OL or DL” in the 3rd round any day of the week.