Huskies Launch Final Push For At-Large Bid

ken bone

By Steve Rudman | Published February 20, 2012 | Full size is 590 × 393 pixels

Five years was enough for Washington State with basketball coach and Seattle native Ken Bone. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

2012-01-15, University of Washington Huskies, Washington State Universtiy Cougars, NCAA Basketball

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  • Big

    The dogs are going to have to pay the alligator.  Good lord it won’t be pretty.

  • Michael Kaiser

    LSU 42–UW 14 (And I started out giving LSU 49).  

  • Dawgboner

    I’m a Dawg alum from the Sixkiller years.  I’ve seen a lot of head coaches come and go since then, some good, some dreadful.  I have lost confidence in Coach Snark at this point.  Frankly, he is all talk and very little action.  How much longer the largely passive Dawg fans and inert local yokel sports media hacks will be complicit in this ongoing charade remains to be seen.  I don’t expect anything better than a 4 – 8 record this season, and after tomorrow nite’s blow-out in Swamp Country….we’ll be lucky if half  our under-sized starters aren’t flown home in a MASH unit helio.