BY Art Thiel 08:57AM 04/27/2011

Live Chat: NFL Draft 2011

SPNW’s Art Thiel and Doug Farrar had a live chat on the NFL draft earlier Wednesday. Read the conversation about the draft, Locker and the lockout.


  • 3 Lions

    Why did Sark jepordize Price;s career by leaving him in the forth quarter? Price was one hard tackle from being done for the year, at the start of conference play. Let us not confuse playing hurt means I am tough w making a smart/prudent decision. Price’s health is more important then the possibility of coming back against Nebraska w 5 minutes left!

  • Thedude44

    crumudgeon..not so sure about your assertion that things will only get tougher for the Dawgs. In fact I see things quite opposite if the Pac-12 morphs into a super-16 school conference, especially if the “pod” theory comes to fruition (four 4 team divisions). This would have UW paired with OR St., OR and WSU which would easily be the conference’s weakest historically speaking (winning %) giving the Dawgs the softest conference football schedule year in year out. Add in the coming sanctions for Nike U and that also makes things look much better for UW..

    • crumudgeon

      Just heard that expansion will be put off for a while.  Apparently, Texas would not budge on dumping its deal it had with ESPN, and without them the Oklahoma schools et al were no longer desired.  This is a good thing for the Pac ‘whatever’ because we don’t need no stinkin’ Horns or Sooners disrupting our west coast personae.  Besides, Texas blew up their own conference with their bullying attitude of “my way or the highway.  We don’t need those pigs in our conference.  Nobody does. 

  • TheBigDog

    This years team is completely different as far as offensive options.
    Jake Locker never had any TE options – and defenses key’d on it as the defensive coordinators from Oregon a other PAC10 teams said at years’ end.
    When a QB has no TE options, they have about 20% of their offense taken away.
    Nothing against Keith Price – I love the guy – but please don’t try to compare pass efficiency and everything else between the 2 players. Read what Don James said in his interview last week – basically, he was amazed that Locker was able to accomplish as much as he did with the young OL, dropped passes (3X the PAC average according to ESPN) and no TE (the only one we had could not catch a cold, let alone a pass, and quit on his team before the Holiday Bowl).
    I hope ‘Teeth’ Price ends up beating Andrew Luck as the 1st team All-PAC12, but also want to see Locker do great.
    I am amazed to see see how the addition of Kasem Williams and Austin Serafin-(whatever) have changed the offense so much. These kids are playing like sensors already, as well as the 2nd string TE (the other 6’6″ guy).
    Sarkisian was a great hire, and for all the doubters (including me at first), he sure proved us all wrong.