BY 07:21PM 06/07/2012

(Video) Banks at Seahawks, in his own words


  • jafabian

    “The world’s most prepared nation was unprepared”.  That sums it up.  Not to criticize Japan but to put things in perpective.  Have lessons been learned from this?  I’m certain changes have been initiated there as a result of the earthquakes and tsunami’s but what about the rest of the world?  Were lessons learned from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami’s?  Or are we a society that doesn’t apply the lessons learned until after the fact?

    IMO, our home state has been fortunate that “the big one” has yet to hit here and the Viaduct is still standing.  But I’ve always wondered if we’re looking at the wrong location and that our coastline might be where the that big earthquake might hit instead.

    Nice to see MLB and the players donating financial assitance to the Japanese community to assist in things.