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[Video] Romar on beating WSU, the technical, Ross


  • notaboomer

    sign manning if reasonable. if he is healthy, good things can happen with marshawn edgerrin james lynch and a qb who reads defenses. if he is injured, tarvaris runs left, tarvaris runs right, tarvaris throws a 90 mph pass and we hope.

  • Matt712

    It would be a growth-stunting, short-sighted mistake for Seattle, a young team on the rise, to go after Manning (or anyone else) in the twilight his career. It just doesn’t seem like it would be a good chemical match nor the direction Schneider and Carrol are going. If the Seahawks are serious about long-term, dynasty type success, they hsould go after a younger talent that will grow with the guys around him. Both Flynn and Tevaris Jackson fit that bill, but Flynn gets the nod because in all of Jackson’s starts he has not measured up to Flynn’s mere two.   …Having said that, it would be dangerous for Seattle to see Manning go to Arizona and throw to Larry Fitzgerald… as spectacular as it would be to watch.

  • jafabian

    The Hawks are THIS far away from being a succesful playoff team.  Manning could get the team over that hump but he isn’t getting any younger.  When the Chiefs signed Nick…I mean Joe Montana they spiraled when he left after a couple years.  Flynn would be a nice long term investment and GB has been good to us before on the QB front.  Flynn could back up Tavaris for a season or two and Tavaris had a decent season. 

    I agree that Manning going to the Cardinals would be disasterous for the Seahawks.  It’s not like the NFC is a powerhouse division.  He’d make all the QB’s in the division look like Division II players.

  • RadioGuy

    Being a Packers fan, I like Matt Flynn for obvious reasons, but I think I’d like to see more than two starts in four years out of a guy before throwing millions of dollars at him.  I’ve mentioned my reservations about Peyton Manning in other posts, so I’ll leave those issues be.

    I’d like to throw another name, a free agent quarterback who has has terrific success at the collegiate level and reasonable success as a pro, a guy whose physical skills are as unquestionable as the concerns about his maturity level: Vince Young.  Since we’re dealing with multiple “ifs” while discussing Flynn or Manning, let’s look at VY from that same perspective.  “If” Vince Young (who would not cost a huge amount after the year he had in Philly) came to Seattle in the right frame of mind under a coach who has witnessed up close what breathtaking talent he brings to the table, signing him could be the steal of the year…IF he doesn’t cut it, cut him.

    There are other somewhat intriguing free agent QBs out there, including Kyle Orton, and it would be a huge roll of the dice with Young.  Unlike Flynn, he’s had enough NFL experience to prove he’s capable of starting and winning at this level.  Unlike Manning, there are no large questions about his health…the guy’s a flat-out stud.  The question is whether it’s in him to give a sustained, high-level effort over the course of a season without the sidebar issues that have continually gotten in the way.

    Depending on how much it would cost to sign him to a one-year deal (let’s face it, he doesn’t have a lot of leverage), Vince Young is intriguing.  The risk wouldn’t be as high as Flynn or Manning, but the rewards could be considerable…IF…