BY 08:48AM 01/16/2012

[Video] Bone on his slip, the loss, Ross’ career night


  • Olddawgie

    Just finsh up with some good recruits now. I just looked at a position analysis of the committed recruits so far in conference and we are not doing well. Even OSU is ahead of us in most positions they’ve got commitments from already. Hopefully this recruiting year can be salvaged with some quality players yet. Unless theirs a lot of flips this will be Sark worst recruiting year sinse his 1st shortened season of recruiting.
    I hope his new coaches can recruit as well as coach.

  • DogPoundMonitor

    If Sarkisian can’t deliver this year, it’s time to call it a failed experiment and find someone who can produce.  Not only are we falling behind on the field, we’re losing ground in recruiting too.