BY 11:37PM 03/02/2012

Taijuan Walker: M's next mound star?


  • RadioGuy

    Nice to finally beat LA here, although I wouldn’t put as much into the absence of Beckham as a lot of people are:  He’s been coasting on his name and past reputation for years (with a very occasional “look-at-that” move).  Considering what he cost and what expectations were when he came to America, he’s more than underachieved…but, hey, he’s got a pretty wife.

    Not having Keane DID hurt LA but they did have Donovan, who I’ve come to respect a lot more in recent seasons as he’s matured.  It’s a good win.

    • Artthiel

       I’m told it was his birthday too, and any pro athlete 35+ (other than Jamie Moyer) would prefer to acknowledge it quietly.