BY Seth Kolloen 10:52AM 06/03/2011

Kolloen: Pete Carroll, be my boss

Reggae in the war room? Chatting up new alt-country bands? Carroll is the coolest.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is fun, fun, fun. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

Did you hear this? Inside the Seahawks draft war room, Pete Carroll muted the TVs and played reggae music instead. Pete Carroll is the anti-Lumbergh: He’s the greatest boss in the world.

If Pete Carroll was your boss, every day would be casual Friday, with Pete leading the way in his polos and khakis. If Pete Carroll was your boss, you could chat music with him, everything from oldies to reggae to new bands. Recently Carroll declared “Mumford & Sons” week. (As folk rock goes, I prefer Avett Brothers, but I’m sure we could have a rational discussion about it).

As I write this, it’s shaping up to be a sunny day, and I’ll bet if Pete Carroll was your boss he’d let you take your laptop to a park and work outside. Heck, he’d probably take the whole company out for ice cream.

There might be a few drawbacks. Pete has this thing about having a “personal philosophy” you can recite in 25 words or less. So he’d probably make you write one, which would be slightly lame. He might even have everyone in the company read theirs at an all-staff, which would be horrifying. But I bet he’d order a keg for it.

Pete’s “Win Forever” philosophy doesn’t sound so bad. I haven’t read it (I would if he was my boss; if I were smart I’d keep a copy on my desk) but from what I’ve heard it’s about being the best you can be every day, and not letting bad outcomes discourage you. Super cool.

I hope the Seahawks realize how lucky they are. You think you could chat roots rock music with Mike Shanahan? Please. You’d be more likely to get a smile from Bill Belichick. Go ahead, ask Tom Coughlin if you can take the afternoon off to see your daughter in a school play. He’d yell at you ’till your ears bled.

Carroll does have some competition for coolest coach in sports, and he’s in town this weekend–Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon. Maddon likes to have his players dress in themes for road trips. This week’s was “Seattle grunge,” and here’s the photo. Check out Maddon in the middle, in the cutoff flannel vest. Sure, he looks more like a motorcycle mechanic than a member of Tad, but it’s the thought that counts.

Whether fun adds up to winning, I don’t know. Whether there will even be football this year, I don’t know. But if the Seahawks are ever looking for a 185-pound guy with a 6.7 forty speed, I’m at the ready.


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