BY SPNW Staff 02:25PM 06/14/2012

Mariners: Not All 1-0 Home Losses Are Equal

In their 35 seasons, the Mariners have been blanked 337 times, but Wednesday’s 1-0 loss to the San Diego Padres was special — for the wrong reason.

The 2012 Mariners are averaging 3.07 runs per game at home, but 4.81 on the road. / Wiki Commons

In the 35 years since then-U.S. Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson seemingly cursed the franchise with his ceremonial first pitch April 6, 1977, the Mariners have played 5,611 games, 2,993 of them losses. The Mariners failed to score a run 337 times in those games, including Wednesday night at Safeco Field when they went 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position and left 10 stranded in a 1-0 setback to San Diego.

In their typically informative package of post-game notes Wednesday night, Mariners stat gurus pointed out that the club has now lost 18 games at home (Kingdome and Safeco Field) by a 1-0 score, the last, before Wednesday, on July 2, 2011. The Padres also administered that defeat.

All 18 of the Mariners’ 1-0 losses in Seattle would seem to be the same, except that they aren’t. Wednesday night’s was the worst, and not only because the Padres came into the game batting .229 as a team. The Padres also entered the contest 18.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West.

Never before have the Mariners lost 1-0 at home to a team that far behind in a divisional race.

“Offensively, we’ve just really got to figure this out here at home,” manager Eric Wedge said after Seattle’s fourth consecutive defeat, two of those to the fifth-place Padres, and eighth in the last nine home games. “I mean, it’s no secret. We’ve shown what we’re capable of doing on the road. We’ve just got to work to help these guys get over the bump here at home to where we can go out there and be the offensive team that we’ve shown to be very capable of being.”

Interesting use of the word “bump,” considering that the Mariners are batting .199 at Safeco and averaging 3.07 runs per game, vs. a .257 average and 4.81 runs per game on the road.

No edition of the Mariners has ever hit as low as .199 at home, not the 2008 Mariners (61-101), who hit .258, or the 2010 Mariners (61-101), who hit .235, or even the 2011 Mariners (67-95), who hit .222.

The following chart lists all 18 of Seattle’s 1-0 losses at home, and is ranked according to the winning team’s deficit in its division at the time of the game:

Year Date Manager Opp. Score GB/GA
2012 June 13 Eric Wedge Padres 1-0 -18.5
2002 May 21 Lou Piniella Rays 1-0 -15.5
1990 Aug. 9 Jim Lefebvre Yankees 1-0 -14.0
1988 June 29 Jim Snyder Rangers 1-0 -10.5
2011 July 2 Eric Wedge Padres 1-0 -10.0
1980 Aug. 22 Darrell Johnson Red Sox 1-0 -8.5
2006 May 10 Mike Hargrove Rays 1-0 -7.0
1993 Sept. 18 Lou Piniella Royals 1-0 -6.5
2009 June 1 Don Wakamatsu Orioles 1-0 -6.5
1979 May 14 Darrell Johnson Royals 1-0 -4.0
1983 June 8 Rene Lachemann Rangers 1-0 -3.5
1993 April 24 Lou Piniella Yankees 1-0 -2.5
2004 June 8 Bob Melvin Astros 1-0 -2.5
1994 April 16 Lou Piniella Brewers 1-0 -0.5
2002 July 28 Lou Piniella Angels 1-0 0.0
1980 June 7 Darrell Johnson Yankees 1-0 +3.5
2010 Aug. 28 Daren Brown Twins 1-0 +4.5
1999 Aug. 7 Lou Piniella Yankees 1-0 +7.5


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