BY Seth Kolloen 08:03AM 12/09/2010

December 9, 2010: Cust signs, Sark profits, Cougs blast Zags

The Mariners have inked their designated hitter for 2011. And you won’t believe how many DHs the club has employed since Edgar Martinez retired in 2004. Check out Exit 164 to find out

Mariners Sign Their 2011 DH: Journeyman masher Jack Cust takes over designated hitter, at $2.5M for a year. A lefty who platooned in Oakland last year, Cust he says he’ll be playing everyday with the Mariners. He’s a high-strikeout, high-homer guy whose .834 OPS would’ve ranked first on the 2010 M’s. By a lot. This’ll be the seventh season since Edgar retired, and the M’s haven’t had a decent DH in all that time. Fun question: Guess how many Mariners have played at least one game at DH since Edgar retired? I think you’ll be surprised. (Answer at end of column).

Sark Gets $150K For UW Bowl Appearance: Just to put this in perspective–in 1991, the year UW got to the Rose Bowl and tied for national title, head coach Don James’ base salary was $141,576. Sark gets more just as a bonus for a .500 season and a Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl appearance. Of course, James received money from personal appearances, but then again so does Sark. Not to be a crusty old man, but BACK IN MY DAY THINGS WERE DIFFERENT.

Arrogant Zags Hit Rock Bottom: You’ll see no better evidence of Gonzaga’s slide from scrappy Cinderella to arrogant automatons than last night’s blowout loss to Wazzu. While the Cougs threw multiple defensive looks at the Zags and fought for every loose ball and rebound, the Zags seemed to be waiting for someone to award them the game on talent. The result: an 81-59 Wazzu rout. Cougs indisputably the 3rd-best team in the Pac-10.

What they’re saying…

“Seems like Milton Bradley has been reduced to a bench guy, and if there’s one thing you look for in a bench guy, it’s nagging injuries and emotional instability.” – Jeff Sullivan, Lookout Landing

“I was embarrassed last year.” — Jack Zduriencik, on ESPN710’s Brock and Salk show, via @shannondreyer

“We’re going to play our young kids. We’re going to give them opportunity, but we’re going to push them. They’re going to have to be tough enough to handle that.” — Eric Wedge, via Tacoma News-Tribune

“If Wazzu gave Paul Wulff another year after 5 wins in 3 seasons, what are they going to give Ken Bone? One billion, two?” @DavidSwidler

“The Red Sox nab Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. The Mariners nab Jack Cust and possibly Miguel Olivo. I’m gonna throw up.” @nickjacob_116

In other news…

Seahawks injury update: Colin Cole practiced, looks like he’ll go on Sunday. Neither Mike Williams, Ben Obomanu, nor Chester Pitts practiced. Carroll said Pitts is probably another week away.

Jack Zduriencik slammed the young Mariners on the Brock and Salk show, saying that they didn’t prepare like major leaguers last year.

Saturday’s Dave Niehaus memorial will be streamed live at

Rumor had it yesterday afternoon that the M’s had signed Miguel Olivo, but apparently nothing is official. Yet.

The Mariners picked 21-year-old reliever Jose Flores in this morning’s Rule V draft. They may just be trying to confuse us, as the organization already has two other Jose Floreses.

A co-worker pointed out to me that Jeff Sagarin’s computer rankings have Washington ranked #6 in the nation. Stats guru Ken Pomeroy has the Huskies at #5. The people polls, meanwhile, have the Dawgs mired in the mid-20s. Who do you believe?

This “No Pity in the Rose City” ad for the MLS Portland Timbers is pretty awesome. Your move, Sounders.

Husky Holiday Bowl opponent Nebraska’s starting DT Baker Steinkuhler won’t play in the game, he’s suspended after being charged with a DUI.

With seats on flights to San Diego at a premium, Alaska Airlines opened up 790 more seats in the days before the game.

Who tweeted it? (answers at end of column)

1) “Women have sex with other dudes to try and get over their ex?”

2) “Everyone follow Seahawks/Blazers owner @PaulGAllen … Gotta get him to 1mill!”

3) “I’m driving right now and I wanna tell yall I jus farted so loud n the car and it stinks so bad almost passed out cuz the heat made it worse”

Today in SPNW…

John Hickey’s inside sources on the Mariners’ next move.

Art Thiel on the Apple Cup ice throwing debacle — one airborne chunk gave our video guy, Noel Zanchelli, a concussion.

Doug Farrar proves Earl Thomas was clearly a better pick for the Seahawks than Taylor Mays.

Today’s action…

NFL: Indianapolis @ Tennessee, 5:30 p.m. (NFL Network)


How many DHs have the M’s had since Edgar left? 40! Friggin’ 40! Here’s the full list, which may not be appropriate for sensitive viewers.

Tweets: 1) Seahawks DB Raheem Brock. 2) Seahawks WR Mike Williams. 3) Huskies G Isaiah Thomas


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