BY Steve Rudman 07:42AM 12/28/2010

Rotation At-Bat: Wayback Machine

Sports historian David Eskenazi’s weekly photo eye candy

Game ticket for the first contest in Dallas Cowboys history, presented by Greater Seattle Inc. / David Eskenazi Collection

“Wayback Machine” is published every Tuesday as part of Sportspress Northwest’s package of home-page features collectively titled, “The Rotation.” In “Wayback Machine,” Seattle historian David Eskenazi offers a photo/essay that focuses on the rich sporting history of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

The Rotation’s weekly schedule:

  • Monday: That Was The Week That Was (TW3) — A snarky, day-by-day review of the week just ended.
  • Tuesday: Wayback Machine — Sports historian David Eskenazi’s deep dive into local sports history, replete with photo eye candy.
  • Wednesday: Nobody Asks But Us — We ask, and answer, fun and quirky questions nobody else is asking.
  • Thursday: Water Cooler Cool — Art Thiel takes on the weekend for the benefit of the more casual fan.
  • Friday: Top 5 List — The alpha and omega of Northwest sports, at least as far as we’re concerned.

In today’s Wayback Machine, Mr. Eskenazi offers some thoughts — and images — on the first exhibition game in Dallas Cowboys history, which had a decidedly local flavor. You can check out Wayback Machine on the home page below, or by clicking here.


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