BY SPNW Staff 12:39AM 01/26/2011

Nobody Asks But Us

Where Can I Find a Classic SuperSonics Jersey and Snapback Hat?

Gone but not forgotten. That has been a battle cry for Seattle sports fans who reluctantly adapt to life in The Emerald City after the NBA.  The SuperSonics are remembered and even enshrined daily on many bar stools around the Northwest. One fan, however, refuses to let the memory of the Supes fade even a tad bit.

Mark Musgrave opened a retail clothing shop in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood dedicated to vintage sportswear with particular emphasis on the Sonics.  Sportspress Northwest Video Director Noel Zanchelli asks “Does anyone even remember the Wheedle?”


  • Tim

    No mention of the name of the store? What about his website? Also, I hope he doesn’t get in trouble by the tax man for saying he has unpaid interns, which are illegal by the feds. But good luck to him, always good to support a small local business.

  • JonnyT

    real weak work!

  • SeattleNative

    Now I know why nobody asks.

  • Jerry

    What about the error Smoak made?  That, along with Kennedy’s base running screw up, seemed real crucial to me.  And yet no mention of it here.