BY SPNW Staff 07:50PM 01/30/2011

Dustin Ackley

Likely ready to hit at the major-league level, Ackley still needs work on his defense

Over the past two seasons, Ackley has been transitioning in the club’s minor league system from an outfielder to an infielder and now projects to become the franchise’s every-day second baseman, perhaps as soon as the 2011 season.

The Seattle Mariners made Dustin Ackley of the University of North Carolina their first-round draft choice in 2009 (selected No. 2 overall).

On Sunday, Sportspress Northwest’s Noel Zanchelli caught up with Ackley at the Mariners’ annual FanFest at Safeco Field. They discussed Ackley’s progression toward the major leagues.


  • GJD

    Jack Z really hasn’t done a great job at all and even though there is more talent in the minors than there used to be, compared to other teams it really is nothing that amazing.  That said…With Lincoln and Armstrong in charge it would be difficult for any GM to have lasting success.

  • Jeff

    it is too early to tell. based upon past drafts and trades i see what he has done as an overall plus
    the trades with detroit and boston/dodgers was a total win
    at least it is fun to watch the games
    not sure what they plan to do with seager

  • Stadium

    Big deal.  We’ve stocked up with a bunch of AAAA players – Tacoma should be doing cartwheels right now.  None of the aforementioned players (including Hultzen and Miller) will ever be better than 4th starter/4th outfielder/utililty infielder types. And, no, low ceiling AAAA  ballplayers don’t make good trade bait.   The object is to to win in the major leagues.  The M’s have $30mm/yr tied up in a Nintendo mascot and a punch and judy 3rd baseman.  Nothing will change until the Mariners  have the guts to do something about this.  Won’t happen until  Lincoln and Armstrong Nintendo lapdogs decide to show some backbone

  • Cruddly

    It’s apparent the folks who sponsor the Alamo Bowl wanted to entertain viewers who tune in to the game on Dec 29.  This could turn into a great shoot out if the Huskies hold up their part of the bargain like they didn’t against all the other ranked teams they played this season.  And this is what we don’t want  —  a blowout loss on national television.  
    Hopefully, the Alamo Bowl will get what they wished for, a dazzling display of offense, similar to those old school Holiday Bowls when BYU played teams with equally explosive offenses and with little if any defense.   That basically describes both Baylor and the UW this year, but Baylor has home field advantage, and the Huskies’ offense seems to get discouraged whenever opposing teams slice and dice their defense,  so Baylor 56  UW 35.

  • andrew luck

    bears 59, that other team 14

  • Brandon26_91

    you guys are crazy uw wins this 35 to 28, last year nebraska put 56 on us then barely managed to score 7 points in the bowl game