BY Seth Kolloen 12:28AM 02/02/2011

New Huskies Are Here! New Huskies Are Here!

Signing Day: Not all it’s cracked up to be, but good fun nonetheless

It’s signing day, or what passes as draft day for college football fans. I’m helping out with SPNW’s signing day coverage, primarily creating a run-down of the recruits that I hope will hit the right note between entertaining and informative. That will appear around noon on our Washington football home page.

There’s every reason to downplay signing day — about half of the players you read about today won’t ever contribute to Washington football in a meaningful way. That goes even for the high-star guys–remember J.R. Hasty? Or Keauntea Bankhead? These are high school kids, and you’ve got a better shot at accurately predicting their college performance as you do of putting an end to Internet porn (although I wish Matt Hasselbeck and Jon Kitna good luck with that).

Still, I think it’s fun. You learn about 25 young guys from all over the West Coast. Among the Huskies’ commits as I write this are a Polynesian fire-knife-dancer, kids born in Samoa, New Zealand, and Cameroon, a dude whose grandfather was a symphony conductor. I also learned that Snoop Dogg and Ron Fairly went to the same high school, which sounds like the premise for an amazing sitcom.

Having spent all night learning about these future Rose Bowl Champions (I hope!), I don’t have your usual news roundup. I assure you that nothing of particular interest happened.

Today’s action…

Pac-10 Hoops: USC @ UCLA, 8 p.m. (FSN)


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