BY Seth Kolloen 07:16AM 02/04/2011

Dawgs Make a Mess in Corvallis

Husky fans are restless after ugly loss, Mariner fans are happy to see an M’s killer retire.

Frisky Beavers Dump Dawgs: College basketball. Go figure. Washington beat Oregon St. by 31 points less than a month ago at Hec Ed, but last night, lost in Corvallis 68-56. I didn’t see any lack of effort from the Huskies — they were taking charges, flying after loose balls, battling for every board. They just couldn’t hit open shots, going 7-29 from three. Washington 15-6 (7-3), T2nd in Pac-10, 1 GB. Next game Saturday @ Oregon.

**You know things are bad when even the food bank feels sorry for you**

Is Something Wrong with Isaiah? In his last two games, both Husky losses, Isaiah Thomas is 5-24 with 14 turnovers. Is it the mental wear of being the Dawgs’ primary point guard? Or is there something physically wrong with Thomas? Or is it simply a case of two bad games — everyone has them — happening to occur back to back? Let’s hope it’s the latter, because, especially with Abdul Gaddy out, UW will only go as far as Thomas can take them.

**Submitted without comment: Six Oregon State cheerleaders hugging a life-size Beaver**

Good Riddance, Andy Pettitte: The postseason Mariner killer will announce his retirement today. Pettitte was MVP of the 2001 ALCS, winning game one and the deciding game five. Pettitte also beat the M’s in game three of the 2000 ALCS. Of course, during the regular season Pettitte was just 11-11 with a 4.33 ERA vs. the M’s. Apparently there’s no such thing as clutch pitching except against us.

**These “Paul Wulff Press Conference Faces” are absolutely hilarious**

What they’re saying…

“We weren’t disciplined on defense tonight. We took far too many gambles, far too many chances…That’s my fault. We have to get our guys to play better defense. It’s just that simple.” — Lorenzo Romar, taking a bullet for his team.

“Huskies should trade for Jimmer.” — @alexssn

“The way things are going the HUSKIES couldn’t get in the BIGGER DANCE. I’d def take Megan Fox over UW right now she prob a better ft shooter.” —@swish4gish

“The Huskies’ execution and attention to detail is abhorrent and when the home crowd isn’t there to pick them up — they just fall apart. You can’t win every game with attitude. You need to play basketball sometimes too.” — Hot Dog & Friends

“Need 2 take a step bk relax and stop puttin pressure on myself when I play well we win #simple! Can’t have n e more games like this!!” —Matthew Bryan-Amaning, via Twitter.

In other news…

This Nike Randy Johnson tee is incredible. Apparently so awesome that it sold out.

**If you’re planning on going as “2009” for Halloween, you can buy one of these “Rally Fries” t-shirts.**

Whatever virus infected the Huskies’ shooting also spread to the Cougs, who shot 26% in a 69-43 loss at Oregon.

Arizona survived a scare from Stanford to take a one-game lead in the Pac-10. In the other Pac-10 game, Cal beat Arizona State.

Gonzaga escaped Portland with a win; a big relief for the Zags, who would’ve fallen to 5th place in the WCC with a loss. The Zags host Memphis on Saturday, probably a must-win for their NCAA at-large berth hopes.

Do yourself a favor and just don’t look at the Western Conference All-Star Team.

Former Mariner Wladimir Balentien will play in Japan this year.

A Wazzu student set a world record for most halfcourt baskets in 60 seconds. Charlie Vernon hit 9 shots from halfcourt in a minute. When he’s not setting world records, Charlie is the student manager of the Wazzu women’s hoops team.

If you read just one Super Bowl preview, make it this exhaustive Football Outsiders Super Bowl preview.

Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated profiled Isaiah Thomas.

Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett are both part of the solution to the Seahawks’ run game woes, writes Doug Farrar.

The Mariners need a position player to step up and lead, writes John Hickey.

A couple of relative unknowns opened eyes at Sounders camp yesterday, writes Stanley Holmes.

This weekend’s action…

Nada (though tons of high school hoops).

NCAA Hoops: St. John’s @ UCLA, 10 a.m. (CBS-7)
Pac-10 Hoops: Washington @ Oregon, 1 p.m. (FSN)
NCAA Hoops: Memphis @ Gonzaga, 1 p.m. (ESPN)
Pac-10 Hoops: Arizona St. @ Stanford, 3 p.m. (FSN)
Pac-10 Hoops: Washington St. @ Oregon St., 5 p.m. (FSN)
NCAA Hoops: Portland @ Seattle U, 7:10 p.m. (FSN)

Super Bowl XLV, 3:30 p.m. (FOX-13)


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