BY Seth Kolloen 10:14PM 03/18/2011

Exit 164: UW drives midnight train over Georgia

Washington won by wearing down a thin Georgia team.

Really, it shouldn’t have been so close. Smarter play from the Dawgs down the stretch, and the Huskies would’ve won this by double-digits. A more Husky-like shooting performance, and the Dawgs might’ve won by twenty.

You tell me before this game that Washington would shoot 4 of 18 from three, and I would’ve headed to the nearest liquor store, grabbed a bottle of my favorite whisky and spent the evening slugging back shots under my bed.

Instead, thanks to a defensive strategy that amounted to “let Thompkins get his,” Washington won by wearing down a thin Georgia team, which, as you saw from the copious CBS graphics to this effect, got ZERO bench points. The Huskies? Oh, just a mere 30. And, more importantly, an efficient 30.

Suggs! Ten points on seven shots.

Overton! Six points on five shots.

N’Diaye! Six points on three shots.

Wilcox! Six points on six shots.

That’s 30 points on 21 shots, which I’ll take all day.

Other than Thompson, Georgia scored 39 points on 34 shots. I’ll take that all day too.

(Oh, remember how I said Stop Price, Beat Georgia? Price had 11 points, but played just 20 minutes due to foul trouble. Don’t let anyone tell you that coaching three months of 7th grade girls basketball can’t make you a strategic mastermind.)

Bring on North Carolina! That game is at 9:15 a.m. Sunday. It’s breakfast with the Huskies!

What they’re saying…

“We got the (pace) like we wanted, but we didn’t defend well enough in the second half.” — Mark Fox

“We’re fortunate…we were concerned about Georgia’s inside play.” — Lorenzo Romar

“I told guys once you make a couple passes and reverse the ball, it’s wide open.” — Isaiah Thomas

In other news…

Given a one-run lead, probable closer Brandon League allowed four runs in the ninth in a Mariner loss to Arizona. On the bright side, Milton Bradley hit a three-run homer.

Ken Griffey Jr. says Trey Griffey, a star wide receiver, will make a recruiting visit to Washington State.

M’s star Ichiro donated $1.2 million to Japan earthquake relief efforts. That’s 100M yen.

The Pirates claimed M’s reliever/starter Garrett Olson off waivers. Olson, who came over with Ronny Cedeno in a trade that sent Aaron Heilman to the Cubs, pitched 66 games with the M’s over two years, starting 11, and compiling a 3-8 record with a 5.26 ERA.

Husky WR Jordan Polk was charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and is now former Husky WR Jordan Polk.

The Sounders signed Mauro Rosales, an Argentine midfielder who has played 10 times on that country’s awesome national team. He’s played for Ajax and River Plate, two of the top teams in the Netherlands and Argentina respectively.

Here’s the Sounders FC reserve team schedule. Five of the games will be in the Seattle area, all at Starfire Sports Complex.


  • Obi-jonKenobi

    This was not one of the better angles to see this play from. It looks a lot clearer when viewed from another camera that was located about at the goal line or 5-yard line and looking at it more from the front side of both players. You can see Tate’s hands arriving at the ball at almost the same time as Jenning’s and you can see he has a strong hold on the ball as they both hit the ground.

    From the angle you’re showing here, you’re looking at the back sides of the players and after hitting the ground, it looks a lot more like the ball belongs to Jennings as he rolls away from Tate. You can’t even see where the ball is when both of the players feet hit the ground from this angle.

  • notaboomer