BY Steve Rudman 07:47AM 04/28/2011

Water Cooler Cool: Draftnicks get their fix

Top questions: Will Jake Locker go in the first round? Would the Seahawks take him if he’s available? Or will he fall out of the first round entirely?

Nobody really knows if Jake Locker will go in the first round or not / Courtland Richards, Senior Bowl

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National Football League Draft — 5 p.m., Thursday, ESPN.

Mariners baseball — Seattle at Detroit, 10:05 a.m. Thursday; at Boston, 4:10 p.m., Friday and Saturday; at Boston, 10:35 a.m., Sunday.

Sounders soccer — Toronto FC at Sounders, 7 p.m., Saturday, Qwest Field.

Months of discussion and speculation come to a head over the next three days when the National Football League conducts its annual player draft. The first round will be held on Thursday (5 p.m.) with subsequent rounds on Friday and Saturday. The draft, which used to be a two-day affair, now runs three days so that the NFL and ESPN can soak advertisers for all they can get.

Burning questions have wafted for months: Will ex-University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker become a first-round pick? Or will Locker, who might have gone No. 1 overall last year if he had bypassed his senior season, fall out of the first round entirely? If not, will Minnesota take him at No. 12, as has been widely speculated? If not, will the Seahawks, selecting 25th, draft him?

Does Locker really fit the kind of offense the Seahawks play? And wouldn’t he be better off playing in another city so that he doesn’t have to begin his pro career under intense hometown pressure?

No player in recent years has attracted such wildly diverging points of view. Some think Locker will develop into a stud NFL quarterback. Others believe that Locker will wash out of the NFL and attempt to play Major League Baseball.

We’ll start to get some answers at around 9 p.m. (Pacific) on Thursday, or maybe earlier. Or maybe not.

Two things we know: Draft speculation is utterly useless, if not the athletic equivalent of an eggless omelet, and an entire industry (mock drafts., Mel Kiper etc.) has been built around it, sponsored by some of America’s leading companies.

Also: The Seahawks do not have an extensive history of selecting University of Washington football players, and what history they do have is mixed. Seattle has taken just one ex-Husky in the first round, tight end Jerramy Stevens in 2002. Due to a variety of off-field problems, Stevens became one of the greatest drafting disappointments in club history.

If Seattle selects Locker, he will join the following as the only Montlake players drafted by the Seahawks:

Year Player Pos. UW Years Round Pick GP GS
1976 Chris Rowland QB 1973-75 17 461 0 0
1979 Michael Jackson LB 1975-78 3 57 105 78
1980 Joe Steele RB 1976-79 5 127 0 0
1983 Don Dow OT 1979-82 12 317 0 0
1985 Danny Greene WR 1980-84 3 81 4 0
1988 Rick McLeod OT 1986-87 11 284 0 0
1992 Kris Rongen OG 1991 11 290 0 0
1992 Chico Fraley LB 1988-91 12 319 0 0
1999 Brock Huard QB 1996-98 3 77 6 4
2002 Jerramy Stevens TE 1999-01 1 28 71 26

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