BY SPNW Staff 01:18PM 12/09/2012

Report: Sherman to delay appeal on ban

Convinced of his innocence — or inspired to avoid missing the Seahawks’ stretch run —  cornerback Richard Sherman will ask his attorney to file a motion that could delay his appeal scheduled for Friday, reported Sunday.

The Seahawks played Sunday against Arizona without cornerback Brandon Browner, who abandoned Monday his appeal and served the first of his four-game suspension for testing positive for a banned stimulant, reportedly Adderall. He can return to the Seahawks in time for any playoff game.

Because of his appeal of a similar charge, Sherman played Sunday and would be eligible for next Sunday’s game vs. Buffalo in Toronto, because the NFL usually notifies teams on Monday to provide a full week for the team to adjust.

Sherman’s agent said recently that, speaking generally, appeals can be delayed by requests for additional evidence or attendance by expert witnesses. Obviously it is in Sherman’s  and the team’s best interest to push the appeal date into January and serve any suspension at the beginning of the 2013 regular season. But the team supposedly has no standing in the drug-policy process, which is between the league an players union.


  • RadioGuy

    My guess is that the Seahawks are trying to play chess with these suspensions. If Sherman is granted his delay and is allowed to play the Buffalo game before sitting four weeks (if the suspension is upheld), that would mean the Hawks will be missing both Browner and Sherman for just two regular season games instead of three.

    Sherman’s appeal means he won’t be available for at least one playoff game and perhaps two, but you have to clinch a playoff berth first and having him playing helps Seattle’s chances immensely. Losing both him AND Browner simultaneously for four games would’ve been devastating down the stretch.