BY SPNW Staff 11:31PM 01/08/2013

Hear Sherman’s words draw fire from Williams

A rare photo of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman — his mouth is closed. / Wiki Commons

Richard Sherman has never met microphone he didn’t like, so much so that he wore one during the Seahawks’ 24-14 playoff win over the Washington Redskins.

The brash, voluble Seahawks cornerback has a lot to say, much like his acknowledged hero, Muhammad Ali. He shared with most everyone — teammates, opponents, referees, fans, including the Fox TV broadcast, which shared this video with Seattle affiliate KCPQ Channel 13.

Finally it was too much for Washington tackle Trent Williams, who after the game met up with Sherman and delivered a push to Sherman’s face.

Sherman wisely didn’t retaliate. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin IIIĀ  came over to make sure matters didn’t get worse.

Williams issued an apology after the game for losing his temper. But Sherman had already won the battle, and his team won the game.


  • RB

    Obviously there is a national perspective of Sherm being the one starting stuff but it is clear in the video that he was congratulating Skins players and Williams found him. Just because a guy has a rep doesn’t mean he is in the wrong. There is a reason Williams was the one who issued the apology.

  • lucky irvin

    Smashmouth football, practiced by Sherman, motivated by Carroll, enabled by our home town man, the great man, Paul Allen. God bless Paul Allen for all he has done in the Seahawk Nation. Paul Allen.