BY SPNW Staff 01:07PM 01/29/2013

Hope Solo talks pro soccer, marriage, World Cup

SPNW caught up with women’s soccer star Hope Solo at the Star of the Year event Friday. First of a series of exclusive video interviews.

After a tumultuous year in the national media spotlight, soccer star Hope Solo and her new husband, retired Huskies/Seahawks football star Jerramy Stevens, made an understated appearance Friday at the Sports Star of the Year event at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle.

The 2008 winner of the event’s female athlete of the year after the U.S. national team won Olympic gold in Beijing, Hope continued to make news with her appearance on “Dancing With The Stars,” and a revealing set of photos in ESPN magazine’s annual “The Body” issue. After she and the U.S. national team won gold again in London her biography, “A Memoir of Hope” was released and became what is a national best-seller.

Solo will be in goal for the Seattle Reign in the new National Women’s Soccer League this summer.

But on Nov. 12, she had publicity she didn’t want during the night before her marriage when police were called to their Kirkland home to break up a gathering that turned into a fight. Stevens, who has a long rap sheet starting in high school that grew through his college and pro careers and afterward, was arrested on suspicion of assault. He spent the night in jail before being released after prosecutor declined to press charges, citing a lack of evidence.

Solo, a Richland native, denied Stevens, from Olympia, assaulted her, releasing a statement that said, “My beautiful husband & i happy as can be! [sic] Let me set the record straight!!! Jerramy has NEVER treated me poorly! The truth always prevails!”

Solo joined Art Thiel on the Sportspress Northwest set at the SOY red carpet for a few minutes to talk about her dramatic life.


  • notaboomer

    nice work, art. way to ask the tough question. based on the nervous laugh, i don’t think hope and jerramy have reached the “serious” phase of their relationship yet.

  • RadioGuy

    Nothing about Hope Solo is understated or nuanced. She’s become one of those people who compels me to reach for the remote whenever she appears on my TV screen.

  • root

    Poor girl appears to be a blithering idiot.