BY SPNW Staff 10:00AM 01/31/2013

Take 5 minutes to give us some feedback is seeking to better understand you, our readers. We put together this survey to get to know a little more about you. Shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes of your time. We respect your privacy, and all responses are collected anonymously.

You can take the survey by clicking here or by scanning the QR code with your smart phone.



  • RadioGuy

    Coming to SPNW in the future: Paywalls. This survey is about how much to ask.



    Give Us Some Feedback

    We don’t want you to be permanently blocked from adding friends. Giving us feedback on who you send friend requests to and why can help us make your experience better.

    1: Do you understand why you have been blocked from sending friend requests?



    2: How well do you know the people you’ve sent friend requests to?

    Very well (ex: they’re my close friends).

    Kind of well (ex: we met a long time ago or have only had brief encounters).

    Not well (ex: we have not met in person yet).

    3: What is the primary reason you want to connect with these people?

    I want to meet new people.

    I want to be friends with people I know well.

    I want to have a lot of Facebook friends.

    I am interested in building business connections.

    I want to meet people to play games with.