BY SPNW Staff 01:35PM 02/03/2013

Don’t want the game? Here’s all Super Bowl ads

We know who you are, you one-game-a-year football fans who must endure comradeship with fanatics in order to see the TV commercials that are part of the instant lore of post-Super Bowl Mondays.

So thanks to Hulu, SPNW offers a compilation of the ads so you can watch them now and then slip away quietly from the party filled with people who care about the 89ers and the Mavens, or whatever.

The Super Bowl is perhaps the only time of the year when advertising is elevated to popular entertainment. While sports in general are probably the last remaining reasons for appointment TV, the commercials themselves can be found online.

For the past several years, Hulu has offered access to Super Bowl ads as they air or are posted. Though it’s not hard to find individual commercials on YouTube, this both collects everything in one place and lets you browse previous years.


  • maqman

    Too bad Hulu is not available in England. Maybe they don’t know the Revolutionary War is over.

    • sportspressnw

      Trust me, if it were up to Hulu, they would have their service worldwide. Gotta blame Hollywood for this one.