BY SPNW Staff 10:32PM 02/14/2013

Stern unworried about legal fight over Kings


  • jafabian

    Well, Sterno doesn’t worry because the league is going to get half a billion dollars regardless. And he’s retiring soon as well. He’s good. Actually looking forward for a new commish. Might see some changes in the league whereas Sterno has maintained the status quo for quite awhile now.

    I’d like to see them make the court bigger. They made the key bigger when Mikan came into the league and he was 6′ 10″. Why not make the court wider and longer since Mikan might be a small forward today?

  • Effzee

    The Glove says “Seattle is a great city, great fans, it’ll be sold out all the time…”

    Just as long as Wally Walker isn’t allowed within 500 yards of anyone making basketball decisions at any time, I think he’s probably right.