BY 08:38AM 03/28/2013

Hansen has plan to discredit Sactown arena bid


  • Michael Kaiser

    Amazing. Some slime has a plan to steal another town’s team and he talks about having a “plan to discredit” another team’s bid. Amazing.

    • remember…Sacramento “stole” the same team you mention, Michael. It’s called BUSINESS!

      • jafabian

        Exactly. Fans in Sacramento scream how “Seattle is stealing our team” but the exact same circumstances brought the Kings to Sacramento from Kansas City. And please, like Seattle gave up the Sonics willingly? Sh’yeah, right.

        • Jared S.

          Deadspin had an article recently about the machinations that led to the Kings moving to Sacramento. It’s disturbingly familiar to those of us who lived through Sonics-to-Oklahoma:

          • NorCal Guns and Hoses

            Sorry KC had weak fan support…college basketball/ football/baseball region..didnt support their basketball or hockey teams..Kings had to split playing home games in Omaha as well to drum up support…as I stated earlier..two great ownership groups..league should reward both…If you think taking the Kings just because…then if the league has your mentality…enjoy living a lie..I’m tired of pumping up both groups as viable then being shot down by the Debbie Downers of the world. Your fans were sympathetic when you thought right away this would you only want to bash an area’s good name…have a nice weekend Seattle Kings fans…good grief. Thanks for being objective Art..enjoy your writings sir….

      • NorCal Guns and Hose

        Stealing is a crime…not a business. I’ve never had a thief arrested because it was business. Believe what you want. Sac did not steal your team…direct your venom at the involved parties that moved your team. That was horrible but don’t blame us for that transaction. Unreal…

  • Bill

    Michael Kaiser. . You should do us all a favor and move to Sacramento!

  • seattlenative57

    Stories linked to never load for me. Am I the only one?

  • seattlenative57

    And so it is ….