BY SPNW Staff 10:09AM 08/04/2013

Wedge won’t rejoin Mariners for homestand

Doctors remain cautious regarding the return of Eric Wedge to the full-time pressure of managing a major league team, so he will remain at home when the Mariners return to Safeco Field Monday.

“I don’t think Eric will be with us this week,” GM Jack Zduriencik told Greg Johns of in Baltimore prior to Sunday’s series finale with the Orioles. “I know he has a couple appointments ongoing. He’s got something mid-week where he’s going to sit down with doctors.

“He’s doing well. I talk to him every day and he sounds normal and he’s excited to get back here. He wants to get back. But when Eric gets back, you want him to be back. His anxiousness to get back here in the dugout is one thing, but this is a life-long health issue for him. When he gets back managing this club, we want him to be here. You don’t want him to come in here and be here for two or three days.”

Wedge, 45, had what was termed a “very mild” stroke at Safeco prior to a game July 22. After three days at the hospital, Wedge returned home. He visited the team prior to a game in the last homestand. All who saw him said he looked and sounded good, but he did not stay for the game.

“The stress of a ballgame, the length of time a manager has to put in and the way he is – he comes early and leaves late –  they just need to sign off and say you’re 100 percent ready to go,” Zduriencik said. “We don’t want to have a bump in the road, where he’s out here three or four days and then has to take a step back. That’s not fair to Eric or fair to the ballclub. I think we’ll just wait and give it a little more time.”

Pryor done

Relief pitcher Stephen Pryor, on the disabled list since April 15, is done for the year, according to Zduriencik. He hurt his right triceps muscle during his rehab with AAA Tacoma and the club decided to shut him down after an exam in Seattle Saturday.

Pryor, 24, tore a chest muscle (latissimus dorsi), but it isn’t known whether the injuries are related.



  • jafabian

    I’m wondering if Wedge might just take the rest of the season off. It’s not like the team will make the playoffs. However I’m wondering if he might follow another former Indians/Mariners skipper in Mike Hargrove and walk away from the game.