BY SPNW Staff 04:34PM 08/16/2013

Harvin no, Miller yes as Seahawks meet Broncos

As the Seahawks prepared to bang helmets at 7 p.m. Saturday with another Super Bowl favorite, the Denver Broncos,  in the first home game of the preseason,  coach Pete Carroll was unwilling Friday to offer a timetable for the return of the biggest missing player, WR Percy Harvin.

“We just know that the surgeon that did the work was thrilled with the way he came back the days right after the surgery, and his ability to get range of motion and things were way ahead of schedule, so that’s a great sign,” Carroll said.  “We’re hopeful, whatever that means. We won’t know, it’s going to take a good month before we can figure if he’s even going to have a chance to come roaring back out of it.

It looks like all of the signs are very good.  We’re not putting any weeks on it. We don’t know.”

At the time of Harvin’s surgery July 30, the Seahawks were giving thought to putting Harvin on the physically  unable to perform list to start the season. That would allow an earlier return than on the injured reserve list. with the designation to return. But that decision doesn’t need to be made immediately.

More immediate health progress was reported for tight end  Zach Miller, nursing a foot injury throughout camp. HE will come off the PUP list and be available to practice Monday. Miller’s return is big because, after the injury loss to backup Anthony McCoy, the Seahawks have almost no experienced tight ends.

“Zach will come off the PUP today, and next week will be much more involved,” Carroll said.  “We’ll continue to be very measured in how we bring him back in, but it’s great to have him back and he’s ready to go.”

Another key player, DE Chris Clemons, also has no timetable for his return from knee surgery in January.

“He’s still working hard, he’s doing good,” Carroll said. “He’s right in the middle of the real rigorous rehab now. He’s on the field cutting and moving and doing defensive line drills. I don’t know what that means (for a return), but he’s managing his weight through it. He’s not in any pain or discomfort, so it’s just a matter of getting his confidence back and getting him back to full speed.”



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