BY 11:06PM 09/19/2013

Mariners’ retired CEO: No immediate changes


  • marcus

    Ha, of course they’ll say that! And if by “immediate” you mean no change between now and the end of the World Series, you’re probably right. This sale has been lining up for some time separate from Mr. Yamauchi’s passing. The TV deal is in place, there are few long term contracts, they have a zombie GM and head coach in place waiting to be canned, and an ostensibly younger ball club “with potential”. You can debate the last point, but the time is ripe for a new group to come in and make the old ownership a BIG offer, taking control with maximum flexibility on the club’s future and a sweet revenue stream.

    • Jamo57

      If they get a new managing partner or President that comes out in favor of Seattle Arena in SoDo, I might actually come back next year. Might….

    • tedsfrozenhead

      What sale?

      Just because Mariner fans want the team to be sold doesn’t mean Nintendo is considering it. The Mariners are a billion dollar asset in their portfolio and they do have to contemplate how diverging itself of such an asset would affect their stocks. They do after all, have shareholders to be accountable to as well as baseball fans. In the bigger scheme of the business world the overall healthiness of the business takes precedent over a smaller slice of the pie.

      Just because you want it won’t make it happen.