BY SPNW Staff 05:55PM 09/24/2013

Armstrong says Jack Z back as Mariners GM

Jack Zduriencik will return next season as Mariners general manager, according to club president Chuck Armstrong. The confirmation of an earlier report that Zduriencik’s deal had been quietly extended in December was reported in the Seattle Times Tuesday afternoon.

Armstrong did not explain the reasons for the extension or its length. But earlier reporting said it was for a single year.

No decision was made on the manager Zduriencik hired, Eric Wedge, whose three-year deal is up at the end of the season.

“You always operate on the basis that you’re going to keep doing the job,” Zduriencik told the Times. “That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been business as usual.”

The Mariners are assured of their eighth losing season in 10 years, including four of the five Zduriencik has held the GM job.

The death last week of the club’s majority owner, Hiroshi Yamauchi, spurred speculation about a potential sale of the club. But CEO Howard Lincoln said that the corporate owner, Nintendo of America, headquartered in Redmond, has no plans to sell.


  • jburnshire


  • Da Kid

    “The Mariners are assured of their eighth losing season in 10 years, including four of the five Zduriencik has held the GM job.”
    And if you or I performed like that on the job?
    Gawd, I’d love to beat Armstrong and Lincoln into terminal unconsciousness with a new X-Box!

  • Joe Fan

    With Howie and Chuckie still in place, as pissed off as that makes me feel about the M’s, keeping Z and Wedge around for next year is probably the best answer. If things continue next year as they are right now, clearly heads will roll.

  • SUDS

    Looking forward to losing season #9 out of the last 11 years in 2014.


  • jafabian

    A fair deal though I’d be surprised if Wedge returns. At best the M’s would give him a one year extension as well and I doubt he’d take it, not wanting to be a lame duck manager all season. Never know though. Not too thrilled at the prospect of Jack having to possibly hire a new manager then be gone the following season.

    Jack Z. needs to change his approach as a GM. He’s great at evaluating young talent but his other acquisitions at best are 50-50. Raul and Kendry were solid pick-ups. Morse was questionable when the team was filled at the positions he’d play. Harang and Safeco Joe were just bad. Why the team didn’t make a stronger push in the offseason for at least one more starter, especially after trading Vargas, is beyond me. Much like how in 2010 when the biggest bat Jack could get for the team was Milton Bradley and the biggest trade was for Cliff Lee in the offseason despite the fact that the biggest weakness the previous season was a lack of run production.

    The priorities for the roster should be a leadoff hitter, veteran back up catcher, veteran left-handed relief pitcher and a veteran #3 starting pitcher. Let’s see how Jack addresses that.

  • Jamo57

    Contrary to all the public statements about NOA not looking to sell it’s interests in the Ms, it has to be viewed around MLB that this ownership group as it stands is a short term proposition. As a result, who would the Ms be able to attract as a GM? (That’s not even taking into consideration the current inability of top management to be able to target and lure the right individual). I wouldn’t be surprised if Wedge returns as well. In short, expect more of the same for the indefinite future.

    • Marcus


  • dinglenuts

    Bringing in a new GM and manager would simply illuminate the fact that the real issue with this team is further up the food chain. And the guys at the top aren’t big on shedding light, particularly if some of it falls on themselves.

  • Marcus

    Woo hoo, this is GREAT news! Or at least it’s great for those of us who think NOA is aiming to sell (Lincoln’s protests notwithstanding). In the face of the sheer magnitude of Z’s failure they bring him back. Why? Because they believe in him like they have NOT with any past GM? Because we’re going to suddenly be awesome next year? No & no. You do not bring in another GM when the ownership is about to be shaken up. You do not bring in a new head coach either, although Wedge’s health mixes things up some. Three words when facing an ownership change: STAY THE COURSE. And that is what this is plain and simple. Stay the course despite a wretched on field product that might show some improvement next year. Stress might. After ownership changes Z and Wedge are gone as they bring in their own people.